Sacred Hearts Club (Foster The People) [2017]Satura (Lacrimosa) [1993]Scare Force One (Lordi) [2014]Schock (Eisbrecher) [2015]Schreib es mit Blut (Tanzwut) [2016]Seasons (American Authors) [2019]Sehnsucht (Lacrimosa) [2009]Sehnsucht (Rammstein) [1997]Seit an Seit (dArtagnan) [2016]Selfocracy (Loïc Nottet) [2017]Sempiternal (Bring Me the Horizon) [2013]Sexorcism (Lordi) [2018]Shadowmaker (Apocalyptica) [2005]Shadowmaker (Apocalyptica) [2015]Sieben (In Extremo) [2003]Silence in the Snow (Trivium) [2015]Silent So Long (Emigrate) [2014]Simulation Theory (Muse) [2018]Siren Charms (In Flames) [2014]Skald (Wardruna) [2018]Skillet (Skillet) [1996]Skills in Pills (Lindemann) [2015]Slipknot (Slipknot) [1999]Smoke + Mirrors (Imagine Dragons) [2015]So Sad So Sexy (Lykke Li) [2018]Songs of Love and Death (Beyond the Black) [2015]Sound of Change (Dirty Heads) [2014]Sounds of a Playground Fading (In Flames) [2011]Sounds of the Universe (Depeche Mode) [2009]Spirit (Depeche Mode) [2017]St. Anger (Metallica) [2003]Steal This Album! (System of a Down) [2002]Sterneneisen (In Extremo) [2011]Stiff Upper Lip (AC/DC) [2000]Stille (Lacrimosa) [1997]Strange Little Birds (Garbage) [2016]Sturmfahrt (Eisbrecher) [2017]Suck It and See (Arctic Monkeys) [2011]Suicide Season (Bring Me the Horizon) [2008]Sunset on the Golden Age (Alestorm) [2014]Super Trouper (ABBA) [1980]Supermodel (Foster The People) [2014]Sweetener (Ariana Grande) [2018]Swim Team (Dirty Heads) [2017]Synthesis (Evanescence) [2017]System of a Down (System of a Down) [1998]Sängerkrieg (In Extremo) [2008]Sünde (Eisbrecher) [2008]Sünder ohne Zügel (In Extremo) [2001]
Tear Me Down (Skarlett Riot) [2013]Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) [2010]Tellurian (Soen) [2014]Temperance (Temperance) [2014]Tension (Die Antwoord) [2012]Terlingua (Mono Inc.) [2015]Testimonium (Lacrimosa) [2017]Thank U, Next (Ariana Grande) [2019]That's the Spirit (Bring Me the Horizon) [2015]The 7 Endless (Secret Rule) [2019]The Album (ABBA) [1977]The Art of War (Sabaton) [2008]The Black (Asking Alexandria) [2016]The Connection (Papa Roach) [2012]The Day Is My Enemy (The Prodigy) [2015]The Deep & The Dark (Visions of Atlantis) [2018]The Earth Embraces Us All (Temperance) [2016]The Fallen King (Frozen Crown) [2018]The Fat of the Land (The Prodigy) [1997]The Frozen Throne (Kalidia) [2018]The Ghosts Among Us (Our Last Night) [2008]The Heart of Everything (Within Temptation) [2007]The Heavy Entertainment Show (Robbie Williams) [2016]The Holographic Principle (Epica) [2016]The Hunt For White Christ (Unleashed) [2018]The Hunting Party (Linkin Park) [2014]The Key to the World (Secret Rule) [2017]The Last Stand (Sabaton) [2016]The Neighbourhood (The Neighbourhood) [2018]The Nexus (Amaranthe) [2014]The Ninth Hour (Sonata Arctica) [2016]The Open Door (Evanescence) [2006]The Razors Edge (AC/DC) [1990]The Sacrament of Sin (Powerwolf) [2018]The Serenity of Suffering (Korn) [2016]The Silent Force (Within Temptation) [2004]The Sin and the Sentence (Trivium) [2017]The Solace System (Epica) [2017]The Spell (Cellar Darling) [2019]The Unforgiving (Within Temptation) [2011]The Visitors (ABBA) [1981]There Is a Hell... (Bring Me the Horizon) [2010]This Is War (Thirty Seconds to Mars) [2009]This Is the Sound (Cellar Darling) [2017]Thornstar (Lord of the Lost) [2018]Three Days Grace (Three Days Grace) [2003]Tied Down (Forever Still) [2016]To Beast or Not to Beast (Lordi) [2013]Together Till the End (Mono Inc.) [2017]Torches (Foster The People) [2011]Toxicity (System of a Down) [2001]Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Arctic Monkeys) [2018]Transit of Venus (Three Days Grace) [2012]Transposed Emotions (Secret Rule) [2015]Trauma (I Prevail) [2019]Trench (Twenty One Pilots) [2018]Twenty One Pilots (Twenty One Pilots) [2009]

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