A Cry in the Wilderness (Eluveitie)A Demon's Fate (Within Temptation)A Different World (Korn)A Fight I Must Win (Arch Enemy)A Head Full of Dreams (Coldplay)A Line in the Sand (Linkin Park)A Little More (Skillet)A Match Made in Heaven (Architects)A Million (VNV Nation)A Million Degrees (Emigrate)A Pain That I'm Used To (Depeche Mode)A Phantasmic Parade (Epica)A Place for My Head (Linkin Park)A Prayer for Your Heart (Lacrimosa)A Real Place (American Authors)A Reason to Fight (Disturbed)A Star for Nick (Lana Del Rey)A Thousand Places (Temperance)A Vagabond's Life (Mono Inc.)A Wasted Hymn (Architects)A World Divided (Our Last Night)A.u.S. (Lacrimosa)AWOL (Strike One) (The Prodigy)Abgrund (Eisbrecher)About A Girl (Nirvana)Abracadabra (Lord of the Lost)Abschied (Faun)Achtung! Achtung! (Oomph!)Across the Line (Linkin Park)Across the Sea (Frozen Crown)Across the Waves (Mono Inc.)Action Radar (The Prodigy)Adam Lay Ybounden (Faun)Adios (Rammstein)Adrenalin (Eisbrecher)Adventure of a Lifetime (Coldplay)Advice from a Caterpillar (Temperance)Aero Zeppelin (Nirvana)Aerodyne (Sirenia)Affliction (Skarlett Riot)Afraid (Lana Del Rey)Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Iron Maiden Cover) (Sabaton)Afterlife (Amaranthe)Afterlight (Dua Lipa)Ain't My Bitch (Metallica)Alba (Faun)Alba II (Faun)Alba II Intro (Faun)Albtraum (In Extremo)Alchemy (Avantasia)Alestorm (Alestorm)Algir - Stien klarnar (Wardruna)Algir - Tognatale (Wardruna)Algorithm (Muse)Alien (Die Antwoord)Alien Youth (Skillet)Alive Again (Temperance)Alkohol (Eisbrecher)All Apologies (Nirvana)All Eyes (Imagine Dragons)All Guns Blazing (Judas Priest Cover) (Sabaton)All Hope Is Gone (Slipknot)All I Got Is You (Deep Purple)All I Need (Within Temptation)All Is Soft Inside (Aurora)All Love Is Lost (Architects)All My Demons (Aurora)All Nightmare Long (Metallica)All Our Sins (VNV Nation)All Out Life (Slipknot)All Screwed Up (AC/DC)All That's Mine (Depeche Mode)All The Good Girls Go To Hell (Billie Eilish)All We Need Is Blood (Powerwolf)All Within My Hands (Metallica)All You Can Bleed (Powerwolf)All deine Wunden (Oomph!)All for Nothing (Linkin Park)All the Pain (In Flames)All the Time (The Kooks)Alle Wunden (Blutengel)Alleine zu zweit (Lacrimosa)Alles (Blutengel)Alles aus Liebe (Oomph!)Alles schon gesehen (In Extremo)Allesfresser (Lindemann)Almost (Sweet Music) (Hozier)Alone (Depeche Mode)Alone (Secret Rule)Alone In a Room (Asking Alexandria)Alpenglow (Nightwish)Already Gone (Disturbed)Als wärs das letzte Mal (Oomph!)Alswinn (Faun)Alter Mann (Rammstein)Always (Depeche Mode)Always in My Head (Coldplay)Always the Same (Skillet)Am Ende der Stille (Lacrimosa)Am Ende der Zeit (Blutengel)Am Ende stehen wir zwei (Lacrimosa)Am I Savage? (Metallica)Amaranthine (Amaranthe)Amazing Day (Coldplay)Ambiramus (Eluveitie)Amen & Attack (Powerwolf)Amends (Garbage)American (Lana Del Rey)American Dreams (Papa Roach)American Noise (Skillet)American Sports (Arctic Monkeys)Amerika (Rammstein)Amethyst (Kalidia)Amok (Eisbrecher)Amongst Stars (Amorphis)Amour (Rammstein)Amsterdam (Imagine Dragons)An Den Klippen (Tanzwut)An Ordinary Abnormality (Amaranthe)An end has a start (In Extremo)Ancus (Eluveitie)And We Run (Within Temptation)Andante, Andante (ABBA)Andro II (Faun)Android (The Prodigy)Aneurysm (Nirvana)Angel (Depeche Mode)Angel (Kodaline)Angeleyes (ABBA)Angels Fall Down (Skillet)Angst? (Eisbrecher)Animal (Aurora)Animal (Berlin)Animal (Missio)Animal I Have Become (Three Days Grace)Animal Soul (Aurora)Anonymous (Three Days Grace)Another Level (Hollywood Undead)Another Town, Another Train (ABBA)Another Way to Die (Disturbed)AnsuR (Wardruna)Anthem (Bring Me the Horizon)Anthem for the Broken (Missio)Antikörper (Eisbrecher)Anything Goes (AC/DC)Anyways (Arctic Monkeys)Apart - Bittruf Teil 1 (Lacrimosa)Appât de velours (Zaz)Arabella (Arctic Monkeys)Arcadia (Faun)Architect of Light (Epica)Arctic Gales (Frozen Crown)Are You Ready (AC/DC)Are You Ready (Disturbed)Are You Ready? (Three Days Grace)Armata Strigoi (Powerwolf)Armour (VNV Nation)Arms of the Ocean (Blackbriar)Army of Noise (Bullet for My Valentine)Army of One (Coldplay)Army of the Night (Powerwolf)Arrival (ABBA)Art Deco (Lana Del Rey)Art of War (Pop Evil)As Good as New (ABBA)As It Was (Hozier)As Mountains Crumble (Amorphis)As the Pages Burn (Arch Enemy)Ascension - Dream State Armageddon (Epica)Asche zu Asche (Rammstein)Asinum Chorum (Tanzwut)Asphyxia (Sirenia)Asylum (Disturbed)At the Edge of Space (Temperance)At the Gates of Manala (Apocalyptica)Ategnatos (Eluveitie)Atem (Eisbrecher)Atlas, Rise! (Metallica)Attack (System of a Down)Attitude (Metallica)Au lecteur (Mylène Farmer)Auf dein Wohl (dArtagnan)Auf deinen Wegen (Blutengel)Auf's Leben (In Extremo)Aufbruch (Faun)Auge um Auge (In Extremo)Augen unter Null (Eisbrecher)Automat (Eisbrecher)Automatic (Amaranthe)Automatic Systematic Habit (Garbage)Avalanche (Arch Enemy)Avalanche (Bring Me the Horizon)Avalanche (Cellar Darling)Ave Maria (In Extremo)Awake and Alive (Skillet)Awakening (Aurora)Axis (Mark Morton)À Paris (Zaz)À l'ombre (Mylène Farmer)À rebours (Mylène Farmer)
Babe (Emigrate)Baby (Clean Bandit)Baby (Marina Diamandis)Baby Mine (Aurora)Baby's On Fire (Die Antwoord)Back From The Dead (Mark Morton)Back Through Time (Alestorm)Back from the Dead (Skillet)Back to Berlin (Alice Merton)Back to you (Selena Gomez)Bad Guy (Billie Eilish)Bad Idea (Ariana Grande)Bad Liar (Imagine Dragons)Bad Seed (Metallica)Bad Together (Dua Lipa)Bad Woman (Lykke Li)Ballbreaker (AC/DC)Banana Brain (Die Antwoord)Bandito (Twenty One Pilots)Bang Bang (Green Day)Bang-A-Boomerang (ABBA)Bango (The Chemical Brothers)Baptism by Fire (AC/DC)Bar ünd Imbiss (Alestorm)Barricades (Our Last Night)Batphone (Arctic Monkeys)Battery (Metallica)Battle Cry (Imagine Dragons)Battle Cry (Skillet)Battle Cry (Warkings)Battle Symphony (Linkin Park)Battles in the Night (Frozen Crown)Be (Hozier)Be Alright (Ariana Grande)Be Legendary (Pop Evil)Be the One (Dua Lipa)Beast In Black (Beast In Black)Beautiful (Apocalyptica)Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (Lana Del Rey)Beauty in the Sorrow (Trivium)Been a Son (Nirvana)Beeswax (Nirvana)Before I Fall (In Flames)Before I Go (American Authors)Begging (Dua Lipa)Behind the Leathermask (Powerwolf)Bel Air (Lana Del Rey)Believe (Asking Alexandria)Believe (Skillet)Believe (The Kooks)Believe (The Score)Believe in Love (Marina Diamandis)Believer (Imagine Dragons)Bella Ciao (dArtagnan)Belladonna (In Extremo)Belle (Zaz)Bellyache (Billie Eilish)Bent and Broken (Battle Beast)Benzin (Rammstein)Besser (Eisbrecher)Best Days (Backstreet Boys)Best Kept Secret (Skillet)Bestrafe mich (Rammstein)Betrayer (Trivium)Better Alone (Lykke Li)Better Off (Ariana Grande)Better Than Drugs (Skillet)Better Than Life (Papa Roach)Better than You (Metallica)Better the Devil (Bad Wolves)Beyond Oblivion (Trivium)Beyond the Deathray (The Prodigy)Beyond the Matrix (Epica)Big Bright World (Garbage)Big Cheese (Nirvana)Big Eyes (Lana Del Rey)Big Jack (AC/DC)Big Long Now (Nirvana)Bigger Wow (Avril Lavigne)Birdie (Avril Lavigne)Birds (Coldplay)Birds (Imagine Dragons)Birds of Prey (Deep Purple)Birth (Secret Rule)Birth (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Bis Der Morgen Graut (Tanzwut)Bis der Spiegel zerbricht (Oomph!)Bis zum letzten Atemzug (dArtagnan)Bitches Broken Hearts (Billie Eilish)Bitter Taste (Three Days Grace)Bjarkan (Wardruna)Black (Blutengel)Black Beauty (Lana Del Rey)Black Halo (Lord of the Lost)Black Heart (Diamante)Black Ice (AC/DC)Black Is the Soul (Korn)Black Magic (Kalidia)Black Mass Hysteria (Powerwolf)Black Moon (Cellar Darling)Black Oxide (Lord of the Lost)Black Sails (Kalidia)Black Treacle (Arctic Monkeys)Black Vultures (Halestorm)Black Water Dawn (Eluveitie)Black Water Lilies (Aurora)Black wedding day (Lacrimosa)Blackbirds (Linkin Park)Blackened (Metallica)Blackout (Garbage)Blackout (Linkin Park)Blasphemy (Bring Me the Horizon)Blaue Stunde (Faun)Blazed (Ariana Grande)Bleed For You (Our Last Night)Bleed It Out (Linkin Park)Bleeding Me (Metallica)Bleeding Through (Papa Roach)Bleeding out (Imagine Dragons)Bleib Bei Mir (Tanzwut)Blessed & Possessed (Powerwolf)Blew (Nirvana)Blind and Frozen (Beast In Black)Blockades (Muse)Blood (Emigrate)Blood Rain (Blutengel)Blood and Bones (Kodaline)Blood for Poppies (Garbage)Blood in the Water (Arch Enemy)Blood of Bannockburn (Sabaton)Blood of a Lion (Beast In Black)Bloodline (Ariana Grande)Bloody Nose (Hollywood Undead)Blow Your Mind (Mwah) (Dua Lipa)Blue (The Neighbourhood)Blue Eyes (Within Temptation)Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey)Blue Valentine (Aurora)Blue Velvet (Lana Del Rey)Blur (Mark Morton)Blut (Lindemann)Blut und Tränen (Eisbrecher)Boatman (Mono Inc.)Body Electric (Lana Del Rey)Bombe (Eisbrecher)Bonobo (Oomph!)Boogie Man (AC/DC)Book of Nature (Visions of Atlantis)Book of Shallows (Avantasia)Boom Boom Tap (The Prodigy)Boomerang (Amaranthe)Boomerang (Imagine Dragons)Borderline (Ariana Grande)Bored (Billie Eilish)Born Again (Beast In Black)Born Again (Kodaline)Born For This (The Score)Born Like This (Three Days Grace)Born On My Own (Emigrate)Born for Greatness (Papa Roach)Born to Die (Lana Del Rey)Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea (Missio)Bouncing Off the Wall (Green Day)Boundaries (Skillet)Bow Down (I Prevail)Brandan (Faun)Brave (Skillet)Break & Enter (The Prodigy)Break (Skarlett Riot)Break (Three Days Grace)Break Down and Cry (Amaranthe)Break Down the Walls (Asking Alexandria)Break It to Me (Muse)Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored (Ariana Grande)Break the Fall (Papa Roach)Breaking Down (I Prevail)Breaking Free (Skillet)Breaking Out (Bullet for My Valentine)Breaking the Habit (Linkin Park)Breakthrough Starshot (Amaranthe)Breathe (DNA) (Backstreet Boys)Breathe (Eluveitie)Breathe (The Prodigy)Breathe Underwater (Bullet for My Valentine)Breathe in Colours (Forever Still)Breathin (Ariana Grande)Breed (Nirvana)Brick by Brick (Arctic Monkeys)Bright Lights (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Bring It on Home (American Authors)Bring Me to Life (Evanescence)Bring Mich Nach Haus (Faun)Brite Lites (Lana Del Rey)Broken (Depeche Mode)Broken Glass (Three Days Grace)Broken Pieces (Apocalyptica)Broken Promises (Temperance)Broken as Me (Papa Roach)Broken, Beat & Scarred (Metallica)Brooklyn (Kodaline)Brooklyn Baby (Lana Del Rey)Brot Und Spiele (Tanzwut)Brother (Kodaline)Brother and Sister (Amorphis)Bruder Leichtsinn (Tanzwut)Brüder Im Geiste (Tanzwut)Brüder im Herzen (Santiano)Buckfast Powersmash (Alestorm)Bullet In A Gun (Imagine Dragons)Bullet Proof (Diamante)Bully (Three Days Grace)Bunter Vogel (In Extremo)Buntes Volk (Faun)Burn (Cellar Darling)Burn (In Flames)Burn (Three Days Grace)Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister Cover) (Sabaton)Burn It Down (Linkin Park)Burn Out (Imagine Dragons)Burn it Down (Skillet)Burn with Me (Amaranthe)Burnin' Alive (AC/DC)Burning Desire (Lana Del Rey)Burning in the Skies (Linkin Park)Burnt Norton (Interlude) (Lana Del Rey)Bury a Friend (Billie Eilish)Bury the Hatchet (Our Last Night)Buzz (Halestorm)By Myself (Linkin Park)By The Western Wall (Unleashed)Böse Mädchen (Eisbrecher)Böser Traum (Eisbrecher)Bück dich (Rammstein)Bückstabü (Rammstein)
C'est pas moi (Mylène Farmer)California Dreaming (Hollywood Undead)Call It What You Want (Foster The People)Call Me with the Voice of Love (Lacrimosa)Call My Name (In Flames)Call Out My Name (Amaranthe)Calling (Skarlett Riot)Calm Me Down (American Authors)Camouflage (Stan Ridgway Cover) (Sabaton)Can I Exist (Missio)Can You Feel My Heart (Bring Me the Horizon)Can't Knock the Hustle (Weezer)Can't Stand Still (AC/DC)Can't Stop Me Now (American Authors)Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll (AC/DC)Car Crash (Three Days Grace)Car Radio (Twenty One Pilots)Cardinal Sin (Powerwolf)Carmen (Lana Del Rey)Carpe Diem Baby (Metallica)Castle In the Sky (Our Last Night)Castle of Glass (Linkin Park)Castle on the Hill (Ed Sheeran)Catch Me I'm Falling (The Chemical Brothers)Catholic in the Morning... Satanist at Night (Powerwolf)Caught with Your Pants Down (AC/DC)Celebrate (Dirty Heads)Ces petits riens (Zaz)Cette journée (Zaz)Chalk Outline (Three Days Grace)Challenge (Cellar Darling)Champions of London (The Prodigy)Chances (Backstreet Boys)Change (Lana Del Rey)Change the Rhyme (Temperance)Chanson de Roland (dArtagnan)Chaos (Tanzwut)Charly (The Prodigy)Chasing Lights (Frozen Crown)Chasing the first time (Three Days Grace)Chateau (Backstreet Boys)Cherry (Lana Del Rey)Chicken Bone (The Kooks)Child of Burning Time (Slipknot)Children of the Dark (Mono Inc.)Children of the Sun (Lindemann)Chiquitita (ABBA)Chlorine (Twenty One Pilots)Christ & Combat (Powerwolf)Churchyard (Aurora)Circe's Spell (Kalidia)Circled By the Wolves (Asking Alexandria)Circus for a Psycho (Skillet)City of Angels (Thirty Seconds to Mars)City of love (Mylène Farmer)Claustrophobic Sting (The Prodigy)Climbatize (The Prodigy)Closer (Skarlett Riot)Closer to an Animal (Sonata Arctica)Cloud Nine (Sirenia)Coachella – Woodstock in My Mind (Lana Del Rey)Cola (Lana Del Rey)Cold Blood (Apocalyptica)Coleus Sanctus (Powerwolf)Collide (Skillet)Collide (VNV Nation)Colors Bleed (Pop Evil)Colour Spectrum (Coldplay)Colours (The Prodigy)Coma (Bullet for My Valentine)Comatose (Skillet)Come Around (Papa Roach)Come Back (Depeche Mode)Come Back Down (Apocalyptica)Come My Way (Skillet)Come On to the Future (Skillet)Come Out and Play (Billie Eilish)Come and Get It (AC/DC)Come as You Are (Nirvana)Coming Down (Skillet)Coming in Hot (Diamante)Comme ci, comme ça (Zaz)Complete (Blutengel)Conflicted (Halestorm)Confusion (Metallica)Conqueror (Aurora)Conquistador (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Control (Garbage)Cool Out (Imagine Dragons)Copycat (Billie Eilish)Copycat (Lacrimosa)Corrupt (Depeche Mode)Countdown (Amaranthe)Covenant (Soen)Cover Me (Depeche Mode)Cover You in Oil (AC/DC)Covered by Roses (Within Temptation)Cowboy (Lindemann)Crawling (Bullet for My Valentine)Crawling (Linkin Park)Crazy Man (The Prodigy)Crazy World (ABBA)Crazy on You (Diamante)Crazy, Mad, Insane (Beast In Black)Creature (Asking Alexandria)Creeping Death (Metallica)Crimson Bow and Arrow (Epica)Crooked Teeth (Papa Roach)Cross Off (Mark Morton)Crowned in Frost (Frozen Crown)Crucified (Disturbed)Crucify Me (Bring Me the Horizon)Cruel World (Lana Del Rey)Crush (Avril Lavigne)Cry of a Banshee (Blackbriar)Cry out for a Hero (Beast In Black)Cuncti Simus (Faun)Cure (Loïc Nottet)Cure (Metallica)Cure for the Itch (Linkin Park)Cut Me Out (Lord of the Lost)Cut My Lip (Twenty One Pilots)Cyanide (Metallica)Cycle Down (Skillet)
D-Zug (Eisbrecher)DOA (I Prevail)DWI (Missio)Dacw 'Nghariad (In Extremo)Daddy (Die Antwoord)Dagr (Wardruna)Dalai Lama (Rammstein)Damage, Inc. (Metallica)Damaged People (Depeche Mode)Damnation (Architects)Damned (AC/DC)Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) (ABBA)Dancing In the Dark (Imagine Dragons)Dancing Queen (ABBA)Dancing in a Hurricane (Epica)Danger Zone (Amaranthe)Dangerous (Within Temptation)Dangerous Night (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande)Dans ma rue (Zaz)Dans mon Paris (Zaz)Dark Of The Day (Semblant)Dark Paradise (Lana Del Rey)Daruma's Eyes (Pt. 1) (Temperance)Das Ende (Eisbrecher)Das Gesetz (Eisbrecher)Das Leben wartet nicht (Eisbrecher)Das Modell (Rammstein)Das Mühlrad (dArtagnan)Das Schweigen der Lämmer (Oomph!)Das alte Leid (Rammstein)Das letzte Glas (dArtagnan)Das steht Dir gut (Rheingold Cover) (Eisbrecher)Daughter of Hate (Amorphis)Davert-Tanz (In Extremo)Dawn Will Rise (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Dead Boys Don't Cry (Powerwolf)Dead Inside (Muse)Dead Inside (Skillet)Dead Man's Eyes (Apocalyptica)Dead Reckoning (Visions of Atlantis)Dead Until Dark (Powerwolf)Deadly Nightshade (Blackbriar)Deadweight (I Prevail)Death (Cellar Darling)Death Is Not Defeat (Architects)Death Penalty (Lord of the Lost)Death of the Prodigy Dancers (The Prodigy)Death, Pt. 2 (Cellar Darling)Deathwalker (Eluveitie)Deathwish (Architects)Deceiver (Disturbed)Decibel (AC/DC)Decoded Poetry (Epica)Dedicate Your Heart (Epica)Deep End (Lykke Li)Deep Inside (In Flames)Deep Water (American Authors)Deeper (Skillet)Definitely Not in Love (Diamante)Dein Retter (Oomph!)Dein Weg (Eisbrecher)Deine Eltern (Oomph!)Deine Nähe (Lacrimosa)Deine Reise endet nie (Santiano)Delicate (Taylor Swift)Delirium (Secret Rule)Demain c'est toi (Zaz)Demons & Diamonds (Powerwolf)Demons (Imagine Dragons)Demons (Our Last Night)Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend (Powerwolf)Der Anfang (Eisbrecher)Der Eselkönig (Tanzwut)Der Flieger (Eisbrecher)Der Hauch des Lebens (Eisbrecher)Der Himmel Brennt (Blutengel)Der Kelch Des Lebens (Lacrimosa)Der Kelch der Hoffnung (Lacrimosa)Der Meister (Rammstein)Der Morgen danach (Lacrimosa)Der Tote Winkel (Lacrimosa)Der Wahnsinn (Eisbrecher)Der Zeitdieb (Tanzwut)Der die Sonne schlafen schickt (In Extremo)Der erste Tag (Lacrimosa)Der freie Fall - Apeiron, Pt. 1 (Lacrimosa)Der freie Fall - Apeiron, Pt. 2 (Lacrimosa)Der leise Tod (Lacrimosa)Der letzte Kampf (Blutengel)Des Teufels Braut (Tanzwut)Des larmes (Mylène Farmer)Desire (Secret Rule)Desire (Sirenia)Desperation (Secret Rule)Destiny (Secret Rule)Destroy (The Prodigy)Destruction (Secret Rule)Devil (Papa Roach)Devil's Dance (Metallica)Diamonds & Pearls (Dirty Heads)Diamonds (Our Last Night)Diary of an Unknown Soldier (Sabaton)Dich zu toten fiel mir schwer (Lacrimosa)Die Beute (In Extremo)Die Engel (Eisbrecher)Die Flut (Warkings)Die Geister die ich rief (Oomph!)Die Gier (In Extremo)Die Hölle muss warten (Eisbrecher)Die Lieder werden bleiben (Faun)Die Nacht gehört dem Tanze (dArtagnan)Die Schreie sind verstummt - Requiem für drei Gamben und Klavier (Lacrimosa)Die Sehnsucht in Mir (Lacrimosa)Die Sehnsucht ist mein Steuermann (Santiano)Die Strasse der Zeit (Lacrimosa)Die Taube (Lacrimosa)Die Welt in der wir leben (dArtagnan)Die Yet Another Night (Korn)Die Zeit Heilt Alle Wunden (Tanzwut)Die by the Blade (Beast In Black)Die durch die Hölle gehen (Eisbrecher)Die unbekannte Farbe (Lacrimosa)Die wilde Jagd (Faun)Die, Die, Crucify (Powerwolf)Diese Kalte Nacht (Faun)Diesel Power (The Prodigy)Diet Mountain Dew (Lana Del Rey)Dig Down (Muse)Digital (Imagine Dragons)Digital World (Amaranthe)Dim Days of Dolor (Sirenia)Dinner & Diatribes (Hozier)Dirty (Loïc Nottet)Dirty Dancer (Enrique Iglesias cover) (Within Temptation)Dirty Window (Metallica)Dis Iz Why I'm Hot (Zef Remix) (Die Antwoord)Disillusion (ABBA)Disposable Heroes (Metallica)Dive (Ed Sheeran)Dive (Nirvana)Dive Over In (Skillet)Divide and Conquer (Epica)Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys)Do Not Disturb (Halestorm)Do You Remember (Backstreet Boys)Do Your Worst (Forever Still)Do or Die (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Doch ich weiß es (Santiano)Doctor (Loïc Nottet)Does Your Mother Know (ABBA)Dog Days (Within Temptation)Dogs of War (AC/DC)Doing It for the Money (Foster The People)Don't Blame Me (Taylor Swift)Don't Come Around (Kodaline)Don't Go (Bring Me the Horizon)Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Backstreet Boys)Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Lana Del Rey)Don't Need You (Bullet for My Valentine)Don't Pray for Me (Asking Alexandria)Don't Stay (Linkin Park)Don't Tread on Me (Metallica)Don't Wake Me (Skillet)Don't Wanna Be (The Score)Donaukinder (Rammstein)Doof (In Extremo)Doomed (Bring Me the Horizon)Doomsday (Architects)Doomsday Disco (Lord of the Lost)Dornentanz (Eisbrecher)Doubt (Twenty One Pilots)Down to Nothing (Arch Enemy)Downer (Nirvana)Downfall (Architects)Drag Me To Hell (Lord of the Lost)Drain You (Nirvana)Drained (In Flames)Drawbar (Linkin Park)Dream (Amaranthe)Dream (Imagine Dragons)Dream (Secret Rule)Dream No More (Metallica)Dreamcatcher (LP)Dreamin (The Score)Dreaming (System of a Down)Dreams (Dua Lipa)Dreams of Retribution (Arch Enemy)Drei Nymphen (dArtagnan)Dreizehn (Eisbrecher)Drink (Alestorm)Drop Dead Cynical (Amaranthe)Drown (Bring Me the Horizon)Drown (Cellar Darling)Drown (Three Days Grace)Du Riechst So Gut (Rammstein)Du hast (Rammstein)Du und ich (In Extremo)Dum Dum Diddle (ABBA)Dumb (Nirvana)Dumb Blonde (Avril Lavigne)Durch Nacht und Flut - Suche Teil 1 (Lacrimosa)Dyers Eve (Metallica)Dying to Heal (Architects)Dynamite (Amaranthe)Déjà Vu (Katy Perry)Désobéissance (Mylène Farmer)Déterre (Zaz)
EML Ritual (The Chemical Brothers)Each Other (Skillet)Eagle (ABBA)Earth Invasion (Skillet)Easier to Run (Linkin Park)Eat You Alive (Emigrate)Eating Me Away (Skillet)Eclipse (Eluveitie)Edema Ruh (Nightwish)Eden (Battle Beast)Edge of the Blade (Epica)Edge of the World (Within Temptation)Ehre wem Ehre gebühret (dArtagnan)EhwaR (Wardruna)Eidola (Epica)Eifersucht (Rammstein)Ein Hauch von Menschlichkeit - Suche Teil 2 (Lacrimosa)Ein Leben lang unsterblich (Eisbrecher)Ein Lied (Rammstein)Ein kurzer Augenblick (Schwarzer Engel)Ein sat hon uti (Wardruna)Eine Nacht in Ewigkeit - Hingabe Teil 2 (Lacrimosa)Einer für alle für ein' (dArtagnan)Eisbrecher (Eisbrecher)Eisbär (Eisbrecher)Eisenmann (Rammstein)Eiskalt erwischt (Eisbrecher)Eiszeit (Eisbrecher)Elaine (ABBA)Electricity (Dua Lipa)Electroheart (Amaranthe)Elevate (Papa Roach)Elle a dit (Mylène Farmer)Elvis (Lana Del Rey)Embrace the Tide (Forever Still)Emigrate (Emigrate)Emission Control (AC/DC)Emotional Machine (Marina Diamandis)Empire (Asking Alexandria)Empire (Let Them Sing) (Bring Me the Horizon)Empires and Men (Temperance)Empty (Garbage)Empty Eyes (Within Temptation)Empty Lines (Temperance)Empty Spaces (Linkin Park)En Garde (dArtagnan)En esta noche (In Extremo)En rêve (Zaz)End Game (Taylor Swift)End of All Days (Thirty Seconds to Mars)End of Me (Apocalyptica)End of the Earth (Marina Diamandis)End of the World (Beast In Black)Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Nightwish)Endless Night (Trivium)Endless Stairs (Infected Rain)Endless Summer (Battle Beast)Endless War (Within Temptation)Endlessly (Amaranthe)Endlich frei (dArtagnan)Energy (Skillet)Engel (Rammstein)Enjoy Your Life (Marina Diamandis)Enough (Disturbed)Ensemble (Zaz)Enter Sandman (Metallica)Enter the Maze (Amaranthe)Enter the Ninja (Die Antwoord)Entfache mein Feuer (dArtagnan)Enthroned (Frozen Crown)Entlassen (Eisbrecher)Era Escuro (Faun)Eraser (Ed Sheeran)Erdbeermund (In Extremo)Ernten Was Wir Säen (Oomph!)Escape (Metallica)Escape From The Earth (Beyond the Black)Esque (Depeche Mode)Eternal (Depeche Mode)Eternal Fire (Beast In Black)Eternal Souls (Blutengel)Europa (Oomph!)Eve (Asking Alexandria)Eve of Destruction (The Chemical Brothers)Even Though Our Love Is Doomed (Garbage)Everglow (Coldplay)Everwinter (Frozen Crown)Every Other Weekend (Three Days Grace)Every Time Our Earth Shakes (Our Last Night)Every Time You Leave (I Prevail)Every night (Imagine Dragons)Everybody Gets High (Missio)Everybody in the Place (155 and Rising) (The Prodigy)Everybody in the Place (The Prodigy)Everything Falls Apart (Korn)Everything Goes Black (Skillet)Everything That I Am (Temperance)Everytime (Ariana Grande)Evil Never Dies (Judas Priest)Ex Machina (Pop Evil)Exhale (Amaranthe)Expectations (Three Days Grace)Extatum et Oratum (Powerwolf)Exzess Express (Eisbrecher)Eye of the Beholder (Metallica)Eyes Fade Away (Emigrate)Éblouie par la nuit (Zaz)Élan (Nightwish)
Face Down (Emigrate)Face Everything and Rise (Papa Roach)Fade to Black (Metallica)Fade to Grey (Blutengel)Fail (Depeche Mode)Fail No More (Frozen Crown)Faint (Linkin Park)Fairly Local (Twenty One Pilots)Fake (Five Finger Death Punch)Fake Smile (Ariana Grande)Fake You Out (Twenty One Pilots)Fall (Cellar Darling)Fallen Angel (Three Days Grace)Fallen Leaves (Billy Talent)Falling Apart (Papa Roach)Falling Inside the Black (Skillet)Fallout (Linkin Park)Famous (Skillet)Fanatica (Eisbrecher)Fassade - 1. Satz (Lacrimosa)Fassade - 2. Satz (Lacrimosa)Fassade - 3. Satz (Lacrimosa)Faster (Amaranthe)Faster (Within Temptation)Fat (Lindemann)Faust (Emigrate)Fear Hate Love (Papa Roach)Federkleid (Faun)Feed the Wolf (Breaking Benjamin)Feel (Skarlett Riot)Feel Invincible (Skillet)Feel like Home (Papa Roach)Fehler machen Leute (Eisbrecher)Fehu (Skaldic Version) (Wardruna)Fehu (Wardruna)Felt (Garbage)Fernando (ABBA)Fetish (Selena Gomez)Feuer (Lacrimosa)Feuer frei! (Rammstein)Feuer und Wasser (Rammstein)Feuerräder (Rammstein)Feuertaufe (In Extremo)Feuerzug (Part II) (Lacrimosa)Fight Fire with Fire (Metallica)Fight Fire with Fire (The Prodigy)Fight Like a Girl (F.L.A.G.) (Diamante)Fight Your Demons (Epica)Fight! (Forever Still)Figure.09 (Linkin Park)Final Destination (Within Temptation)Final Masquerade (Linkin Park)Fingernails (Skillet)Fingers Crossed (Billie Eilish)Fire & Forgive (Powerwolf)Fire (The Prodigy)Fire Falling Down (Warkings)Fire It Up (Disturbed)Fire Your Guns (AC/DC)Fire and Fury (Skillet)Fire and Ice (Within Temptation)Fire in the Hole (Five Finger Death Punch)Fire, Wind & Earth (Cellar Darling)Fireball (Amaranthe)Firelight (Within Temptation)Firepower (Judas Priest)Fireside (Arctic Monkeys)Firestarter (The Prodigy)Firmament (Nachtmahr)First Day in Hell (Arch Enemy)Fish on (Lindemann)Fist by Fist (Sacralize or Strike) (Powerwolf)Fixxxer (Metallica)Flaschenpost (In Extremo)Flaschenteufel (In Extremo)Fleisch und Fell (Oomph!)Flieger (Helene Fischer)Flies (Mono Inc.)Flipside (Lana Del Rey)Florida Kilos (Lana Del Rey)Flowers (The Neighbourhood)Floyd The Barber (Nirvana)Flucht nach vorn (dArtagnan)Follow Me (In Flames)Follow You (Bring Me the Horizon)Follow Your Fire (Kodaline)Fontaine la Jolie (In Extremo)Fool the Gravity (Infected Rain)For Julian (Dua Lipa)For K, Pt. 2 (Lana Del Rey)For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica)Forest (Twenty One Pilots)Forever (Frozen Crown)Forever and a Day (Mono Inc.)Forevermore (Lord of the Lost)Foreword (Linkin Park)Forgiven (Skillet)Forgiven (Within Temptation)Forgotten (Linkin Park)Forgotten Love (Aurora)Forgotten Souls (Our Last Night)Forsaken (Skillet)Four Leaf Clover (The Kooks)Four Out of Five (Arctic Monkeys)Fractured Fairytale (Blackbriar)Fractured and Dazed (The Kooks)Frage (Eisbrecher)Fragile Tension (Depeche Mode)Fragments of Life (Temperance)Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (Nirvana)Frantic (Metallica)Frau Erde (Faun)Freak (Lana Del Rey)Freakshow (Skillet)Freaky Carnival (Infected Rain)Free (Depeche Mode)Free Radicals (Lord of the Lost)Free Yourself (The Chemical Brothers)Freeze (Cellar Darling)Frei zu sein (In Extremo)Freiheit (dArtagnan)Freisturz (Eisbrecher)Freitag Der 13. (Tanzwut)Fresh Bruises (Bring Me the Horizon)Friction (Imagine Dragons)From Hell with Love (Beast In Black)From the Inside (Linkin Park)From the Wilderness (Architects)Frozen (Within Temptation)Frozen Throne (Kalidia)Frühling in Paris (Rammstein)Fuck (Bring Me the Horizon)Fucked My Way Up to the Top (Lana Del Rey)Fucked with an Anchor (Alestorm)Fuel (Metallica)Fuel My Fire (The Prodigy)Full Throttle (The Prodigy)Fun (Coldplay)Funeral Song (Mono Inc.)Funky Shit (The Prodigy)Funny Business (Alice Merton)Fury (Amaranthe)Futter für die See (Schwarzer Engel)Future on Hold (Amaranthe)Führe mich (Rammstein)Für immer Dein (dArtagnan)
G-Force (Energy Flow) (The Prodigy)GG6 (Amaranthe)Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip (Nirvana)Galway Girl (Ed Sheeran)Gamine (Zaz)Garden (Dua Lipa)Gasoline (I Prevail)Gasoline (Skillet)Gaukler (In Extremo)Genesis (Dua Lipa)Gentle Earthquakes (Aurora)Get Down (Emigrate)Get Free (Lana Del Rey)Get Me Outta Here (Deep Purple)Get Out Alive (Three Days Grace)Get Up Get Off (The Prodigy)Get Up Girl (Mylène Farmer)Get Up and Fight (Muse)Get Well Soon (Ariana Grande)Get Your Fight On (The Prodigy)Geteert Und Gefedert (Tanzwut)Ghost (Depeche Mode)Ghost In the Rain (Beast In Black)Ghost in the Moon (Avantasia)Ghostin (Ariana Grande)Gib mir deine Augen (Rammstein)Gibu (Wardruna)Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (ABBA)Girls (The Prodigy)Girls Go Wild (LP)Give It Up (AC/DC)Give Me a Reason (Three Days Grace)Give Me a Signal (The Prodigy)Give em War (Warkings)Give in to Me (Three Days Grace)Given Up (Linkin Park)Giving Up (Emigrate)Gladiator (Warkings)Glass Houses (Children of Bodom)Glory (The Score)Glowing Embers (Sirenia)Glowing Eyes (Twenty One Pilots)Glück auf Erden (In Extremo)Go (The Chemical Brothers)Go Beyond (Kalidia)Go to Hell (Beast In Black)Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake (Bring Me the Horizon)Go to sleep (Loïc Nottet)God Bless America – and All the Beautiful Women in It (Lana Del Rey)God Is a Woman (Ariana Grande)God Knows I Tried (Lana Del Rey)God Of All (VNV Nation)Goddess (Avril Lavigne)Goddess of the Sea (Sirenia)Gods & Monsters (Lana Del Rey)Goin' Down (Three Days Grace)Going Backwards (Depeche Mode)Going Home (The Score)Gold & Seide (Faun)Gold (Imagine Dragons)Gold (In Extremo)Golden Apples (Faun)Golden Shower (Lindemann)Golden Trunks (Arctic Monkeys)Gone (Asking Alexandria)Gone Forever (Three Days Grace)Gone with the Wind (Architects)Goner (Twenty One Pilots)Gonna Sing You My Lovesong (ABBA)Good Goodbye (Linkin Park)Good to Be Alive (Skillet)Goodbye & Good Riddance to Bad Luck (AC/DC)Goodbye (Billie Eilish)Goodbye (Depeche Mode)Goodbye (Interlude) (I Prevail)Goodnight n Go (Ariana Grande)Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder (AC/DC)Got You by the Balls (AC/DC)Got to Keep On (The Chemical Brothers)Gothkiller (Eisbrecher)Gott : Glaube (Blutengel)Gott ist im Regen (Schwarzer Engel)Gotta Let Go (Hollywood Undead)Grain of Sand (Amorphis)Gram (Unleashed)Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) (Lana Del Rey)Gravbakkjen (Wardruna)Gravity (Architects)Gravity (Bullet for My Valentine)Gravity (Papa Roach)Gravity Drops (The Chemical Brothers)Great Wide Open (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Grenade (Bruno Mars cover) (Within Temptation)Groupie Love (Lana Del Rey)Gucci Coochie (Die Antwoord)Guilty All the Same (Linkin Park)Guns and Roses (Lana Del Rey)Guns for Hands (Twenty One Pilots)
Had Enough (Diamante)Hagal (Wardruna)Hahnenkampf (Tanzwut)Haifisch (Rammstein)Hail Caesar (AC/DC)Hail to the Victor (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Hairspray Queen (Nirvana)Half the World Away (Aurora)Halfway Right (Linkin Park)Hallelujah (Rammstein)Halo on Fire (Metallica)Halt (Rammstein)Halt mich (Lacrimosa)Hand of Sorrow (Within Temptation)Handmade Heaven (Marina Diamandis)Hands Held High (Linkin Park)Hang (Cellar Darling)Hangover (Taio Cruz cover) (Alestorm)Happens All the Time (Depeche Mode)Happier (Ed Sheeran)Happiness (Three Days Grace)Happiness is a Butterfly (Lana Del Rey)Happy New Year (ABBA)Happy Song (Bring Me the Horizon)Happy Times (Emigrate)Hard Rain (Lykke Li)Hard Times (AC/DC)Hard as a Rock (AC/DC)Hard to Find (Skillet)Hardwired (Metallica)Harvester of Sorrow (Metallica)Hasta Manana (ABBA)Haunted (Diamante)Haunted (Disturbed)Haythor (Lord of the Lost)Haze (Temperance)He Is Your Brother (ABBA)Head Above Water (Avril Lavigne)Head Held High (Kodaline)Head over Heels (ABBA)Hear Me Now (Bad Wolves)Hear me (Imagine Dragons)Heart (Avantasia)Heart Of The Hurricane (Beyond the Black)Heart of Novocaine (Halestorm)Heart of Steel (Beast In Black)Heart of the Giant (Amorphis)Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana)Heaven (Depeche Mode)Heaven In My Veins (Skillet)Heavy (Linkin Park)Heavy Metal (Bring Me the Horizon)Heavydirtysoul (Twenty One Pilots)Hecate’s Nightmare (Children of Bodom)Heilig (Eisbrecher)Heimta Thurs (Wardruna)Heirate mich (Rammstein)Hekate (Faun)Heldengrab (Megaherz)Heldenlied (dArtagnan)Helena Beat (Foster The People)Helix (Amaranthe)Hell Froze Over (Kodaline)Hell for All Eternity (Beast In Black)Help (Papa Roach)Help Me (Emigrate)Helvegen (Skaldic Version) (Wardruna)Helvegen (Wardruna)Hephaistos (Warkings)Here Comes Revenge (Metallica)Here I Am (Asking Alexandria)Hereafter (Architects)Hero (Skillet)Hero of the Day (Metallica)Heroin (Lana Del Rey)Herr Mannelig (In Extremo)Herz auf (Eisbrecher)Herz aus Eis (Eisbrecher)Herz steht still (Eisbrecher)Herz und Verstand (Lacrimosa)Herzbeben (Helene Fischer)Herzdieb (Eisbrecher)Herzeleid (Rammstein)Heut Morgen (In Extremo)Hexed (Children of Bodom)Hey Hey Hey (Katy Perry)Hey You, I Love Your Soul (Skillet)Hey You, Remember My Name (Missio)Hey, Hey Helen (ABBA)Hi-Lo (Evanescence)Hidden into a Dream (Secret Rule)Hide And Seek (Emigrate)Hide and Seek (Kodaline)Hiding from the Sun (Kalidia)High Tea (Dirty Heads)High Voltage (Linkin Park)High by the Beach (Lana Del Rey)Higher (The Score)Higher Than Heaven (Powerwolf)Hilf mir (Rammstein)Hill 3234 (Sabaton)Himmel und Hölle (In Extremo)Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn (Eisbrecher)Himmelsstürmer (Megaherz)Hip Boots (Deep Purple)Histoires de fesses (Mylène Farmer)Hit the Floor (Linkin Park)Hit the Ground Running (Alice Merton)Hit the Lights (Metallica)Hoffnung (Eisbrecher)Hohelied der Liebe (Lacrimosa)Hol die Sterne (In Extremo)Hold Me Back (AC/DC)Hold My Heart (Lindsey Stirling)Hold On to Memories (Disturbed)Holding on to You (Twenty One Pilots)Hole in My Soul (Apocalyptica)Hole in Your Soul (ABBA)Hole to Feed (Depeche Mode)Holier Than Thou (Metallica)Holy Ground (Within Temptation)Holy Hell (Architects)Holy Storm (Warkings)Home (Aurora)Home (Our Last Night)Home (Three Days Grace)Home Sweet Hole (Bring Me the Horizon)Home Sweet Home (Lindemann)Homesick (Alice Merton)Homesick (Dua Lipa)Hometown (Twenty One Pilots)Honey, Honey (ABBA)Honeyflow (Amorphis)Honeymoon (Lana Del Rey)Honeymoon Heartbreak (Alice Merton)Hooray For Whiskey (Santiano)Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have - but I Have It (Lana Del Rey)Hope for the Hopeless (Papa Roach)Hopeless Opus (Imagine Dragons)Hopelessly Hopeful (Asking Alexandria)Horizont (In Extremo)Horns (Children of Bodom)Horrorclown (Megaherz)Hostage (Billie Eilish)Hotride (The Prodigy)Hotter than Hell (Dua Lipa)House of Chains (Apocalyptica)House of Gold (Twenty One Pilots)House of Jazz (AC/DC)How Deep the Father's Love for Us (Skillet)How to Disappear (Lana Del Rey)Hullaballoo (Cellar Darling)Human (Hellyeah)Human Race (Three Days Grace)Hunger (Amaranthe)Hungry Heart (Loïc Nottet)Hurricane (I Prevail)Hymn for the Weekend (Coldplay)Hymn to Pan (Faun)Hymne der Nacht (Faun)Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2) (The Prodigy)Hypnotize (System of a Down)Hypothetical (Emigrate)Hysteria (Beyond the Black)Hörst du die Trommeln (Faun)
I Am Above (In Flames)I Am Just a Girl (ABBA)I Am Machine (Three Days Grace)I Am One (Asking Alexandria)I Am the Tyrant (Frozen Crown)I Apologise If You Feel Something (Bring Me the Horizon)I Bet My Life (Imagine Dragons)I Can (Skillet)I Can Fly (Lana Del Rey)I Did Something Bad (Taylor Swift)I Do What I Want (Missio)I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (ABBA)I Don't Belong Here (I Prevail)I Don't Care (Die Antwoord)I Don't Even Care About You (Missio)I Don't Give A... (Missio)I Don't Hold a Grudge (Alice Merton)I Don't Know What to Say (Bring Me the Horizon)I Don't Know Why (Imagine Dragons)I Don't Wanna (Within Temptation)I Fell in Love with the Devil (Avril Lavigne)I Fink U Freeky (Die Antwoord)I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li)I Hate Everything About You (Three Days Grace)I Have a Dream (ABBA)I Have a Dream (Emigrate)I Have the Sun (Secret Rule)I Just Want People To Like Me (Robbie Williams)I Let the Music Speak (ABBA)I Lost My Star in Krasnodar (Lacrimosa)I Love You (Billie Eilish)I Refuse (Five Finger Death Punch)I Run To You (Missio)I Saw It in the Mirror (ABBA)I See You (Missio)I Suffer Well (Papa Roach)I Surround You (Blutengel)I Trust You (Skillet)I Wanna Be Yours (Arctic Monkeys)I Wanna Go Out (American Authors)I Want It All (Arctic Monkeys)I Want It All (Depeche Mode)I Want to Live (Skillet)I Went Too Far (Aurora)I Wish (Battle Beast)I Won't Give In (Asking Alexandria)I Wonder (Departure) (ABBA)I Wonder As I Wander (Lindsey Stirling)I Worship Chaos (Children of Bodom)I Wouldn't Be (Kodaline)I am an outsider (Three Days Grace)I was me (Imagine Dragons)I'd Rather Burn (Blackbriar)I'll Be Gone (Linkin Park)I'll Make It Up To You (Imagine Dragons)I'm Not Afraid (Emigrate)I'm Not Jesus (Apocalyptica)I'm So Sorry (Imagine Dragons)I'm Sorry (Diamante)I'm a Marionette (ABBA)I'm alive (Blutengel)I've Been Waiting for You (ABBA)I, the Mask (In Flames)I-III-V Seed of Chaos (Apocalyptica)IDGAF (Dua Lipa)Ibiza (The Prodigy)Ich bin das Feuer (Blutengel)Ich blick' nicht zurück (dArtagnan)Ich bring dich heim (Santiano)Ich liebe das Leben (Lindemann)Ich steh' dir bei (dArtagnan)Ich tu dir weh (Rammstein)Ich verlasse heut' dein Herz (Lacrimosa)Ich vermiss dich (In Extremo)Ich will (Rammstein)Iconic (Amaranthe)Idontwannabeyouanymore (Billie Eilish)Iduna (Faun)If I Lost You (Garbage)If It Wasn't for the Nights (ABBA)If You Dare (AC/DC)If the world stood still a day (Lacrimosa)Ihr sollt nicht trauern (Santiano)Illusion (VNV Nation)Ilomilo (Billie Eilish)Im Auge des Sturms (Santiano)Im Namen des Vaters (Oomph!)Imaginary (Evanescence)Imaginary Days (Mark Morton)Imaginary Monster (Our Last Night)Imaginary World (Secret Rule)Imagine (Ariana Grande)Immersed (VNV Nation)Immortal (Blutengel)Immortal Melancholy (Epica)Immortalized (Disturbed)Imperfection (Evanescence)Imperfection (Skillet)In Another Time (Disturbed)In Between (Linkin Park)In Blood We Trust (Powerwolf)In Bloom (Nirvana)In Boxes (Aurora)In Chains (Depeche Mode)In Darkness, in Light (Lord of the Lost)In My Feelings (Lana Del Rey)In My Head (Ariana Grande)In My Remains (Linkin Park)In My Room (In Flames)In My Tears (Emigrate)In Our Hands (Lord of the Lost)In Pieces (Linkin Park)In Silence (Lord of the Lost)In Styx Embrace (Sirenia)In Sympathy (Depeche Mode)In This Life (In Flames)In Vain (Within Temptation)In der Stille der Nacht (Oomph!)In diesem Licht (In Extremo)In einem Boot (Eisbrecher)In jener Nacht (dArtagnan)In meinem Raum (Eisbrecher)In the Dark (Bring Me the Horizon)In the Dark (Frozen Crown)In the End (Linkin Park)In the Middle of the Night (Within Temptation)In the Name of God (Deus Vult) (Powerwolf)Incense and Iron (Powerwolf)Incinerate (Semblant)Indestructible (Disturbed)Infections Of A Different Kind (Aurora)Inferno (Amaranthe)Infinity (Amaranthe)Infra-red (Three Days Grace)IngwaR (Wardruna)Ink (Coldplay)Inmate 4859 (Sabaton)Innocence (Disturbed)Insane (Korn)Inside the Fire (Disturbed)Insomnia (Cellar Darling)Insondables (Mylène Farmer)Interlude - Feuerzug (Part I) (Lacrimosa)Interstellaires (Mylène Farmer)Interstellar Wars (Lord of the Lost)Into You (Ariana Grande)Into the Fire (Asking Alexandria)Into the Night (Sirenia)Into the void (Blutengel)Intro (Lacrimosa)Intro (Tanzwut)Intro (The Kooks)Intro (The Prodigy)Introspectre (Depeche Mode)Invaders Must Die (The Prodigy)Invincible (Amaranthe)Invincible (Avantasia)Invincible (Skillet)Invisible (Linkin Park)Invisible Kid (Metallica)Invisible Sun (The Prodigy)Ira Sancti (When the Saints Are Going Wild) (Powerwolf)Irgendein Arsch ist immer unterwegs (Lacrimosa)Iridescent (Linkin Park)Iron (Within Temptation)Is It Gone? (Forever Still)Is It Just Me (Backstreet Boys)Is This Happiness (Lana Del Rey)Isa (Wardruna)Ishfwilf (Disturbed)It Comes Back to You (Imagine Dragons)It Doesn't Matter (Five Finger Death Punch)It Happened Quiet (Aurora)It Never Ends (Bring Me the Horizon)It Was in Me (Avril Lavigne)It's All Over (Three Days Grace)It's Not Me, It's You (Skillet)It's time (Imagine Dragons)IwaR (Wardruna)
KDV (Missio)Kabinett Der Sinne (Lacrimosa)Kaleidoscope (Coldplay)Kaleidoskop (Lacrimosa)Kamikazee (Missio)Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein? (Eisbrecher)Karma (Marina Diamandis)Kauna (Wardruna)Kein Liebeslied (Oomph!)Kein Mitleid (Eisbrecher)Kein Wunder (Eisbrecher)Keine Liebe (Eisbrecher)Keine Lust (Rammstein)Keine Schatten mehr (Lacrimosa)Kelch der Liebe (Lacrimosa)Keys to the Kingdom (Linkin Park)Kick in the Spleen (Children of Bodom)Kids (The Kooks)Kill Kill (Lana Del Rey)Kill Me, Heal Me (Skillet)Kill Rock 'n Roll (System of a Down)Killed by Death (Beast In Black)Killers with the Cross (Powerwolf)Killing Memories (Alternative) (Blutengel)Killing Ourselves to Live (Halestorm)Killing You (Asking Alexandria)Kind of Love (Diamante)Kinder der Nacht (Eisbrecher)King Kong Song (ABBA)King Nothing (Metallica)Kings (Frozen Crown)Kiss and Make Up (Dua Lipa)Kiss of the Cobra King (Powerwolf)Kisses Back (Matthew Koma)Kisses of Fire (ABBA)Kitchen Sink (Twenty One Pilots)Klavier (Rammstein)Kleinstadtboy (Oomph!)Knebel (Lindemann)Knee Socks (Arctic Monkeys)Knowing Me, Knowing You (ABBA)Knuckleduster (Children of Bodom)Kokain (Rammstein)Koma (Lacrimosa)Komet (Megaherz)Komm mit (dArtagnan)Komm süßer Tod (Eisbrecher)Komm zu mir! (Blutengel)Kosmonaut (Oomph!)Kreuzfeuer (Powerwolf)Krieger (Eisbrecher)Krummavisur (In Extremo)Krähen an die Macht (Schwarzer Engel)Kunstraub (In Extremo)Kuss (Eisbrecher)Kyrie - Overture (Lacrimosa)König (Blutengel)Könnt ihr mich hören (Santiano)Küss mich (Fellfrosch) (Rammstein)Küss mich (In Extremo)
L'oiseau (Zaz)La Complainte de la Butte (Zaz)La Parisienne (Zaz)La Romance de Paris (Zaz)La foule (Zaz)La fée (Zaz)La lessive (Zaz)La lune (Zaz)La part d'ombre (Zaz)La pluie (Zaz)La vie en rose (Zaz)Labyrinth (Oomph!)Lacrymosa (Evanescence)Ladyboy (Lindemann)Laichzeit (Rammstein)Laissez-moi (Zaz)Land of the Free (The Killers)Landmine (Three Days Grace)Lane Boy (Twenty One Pilots)Lange Schatten (Faun)Laponie (Zaz)Lascivious (Soen)Lash Out (Alice Merton)Lass die Nacht nicht uber mich fallen (Lacrimosa)Lass' die Beute frei (Oomph!)Last Dance (Dua Lipa)Last Dying Breath (Sabaton)Last Piece (Lykke Li)Last of the Living Dead (Powerwolf)Last to Know (Three Days Grace)Laukr (Wardruna)Lavender (Avantasia)Lay All Your Love on Me (ABBA)Lazarus (Oomph!)Le long de la route (Zaz)Le retour du soleil (Zaz)Le'Or Chiyuchech (In Extremo)Lead Us Into War (Unleashed)Lead You On (Emigrate)Leap of Faith (Bullet for My Valentine)Learn to Live (Alice Merton)Learn to Live (Bad Wolves)Leave Everything Behind (Amaranthe)Leave Out All the Rest (Linkin Park)Leave the City (Twenty One Pilots)Lebe Deinen Traum (Blutengel)Lebemann (In Extremo)Lebensbeichte (In Extremo)Legend (The Score)Legend (Twenty One Pilots)Legenden (dArtagnan)Legion of Monsters (Disturbed)Leider (Eisbrecher)Leis ganz leis (Oomph!)Leitbild (Blutengel)Leper Messiah (Metallica)Les Champs-Élysées (Zaz)Les passants (Zaz)Let Her Go (Passenger cover) (Within Temptation)Let It Sleep (Asking Alexandria)Let Me Be Sad (I Prevail)Let Me Break (Emigrate)Let Me In (Blackbriar)Let Me Love You (Ariana Grande)Let There Be Night (Powerwolf)Let Us Burn (Within Temptation)Let You Down (Three Days Grace)Let it Die (Three Days Grace)Let's Go (Emigrate)Let's Make It (AC/DC)Letting You Go (Bullet for My Valentine)Letzte Ausfahrt: Leben (Lacrimosa)Levitate (Imagine Dragons)Levitate (Twenty One Pilots)Liam (German version) (In Extremo)Liam (In Extremo)Lichtgestalt (Lacrimosa)Lie to My Face (Alice Merton)Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein (In Extremo)Liebe ist für alle da (Rammstein)Liebesspiel (Lacrimosa)Lieder der Freiheit (Santiano)Liekedeeler (Santiano)Lies Greed Misery (Linkin Park)Liese (Rammstein)Life (Sonata Arctica)Life Is Strange (Marina Diamandis)Life Starts Now (Three Days Grace)Lifeline (Kodaline)Light (Depeche Mode)Light Up the Sky (The Prodigy)Lightning Strike (Judas Priest)Lights Go Out (VNV Nation)Like Sand (In Flames)Like an Angel Passing Through My Room (ABBA)Lilian (Depeche Mode)Lily of the Vale (Lord of the Lost)Limitless (Amaranthe)Links 234 (Rammstein)Lions & Tigers & Bears (Dua Lipa)Lions (Skillet)Listen Before I Go (Billie Eilish)Lithium (Evanescence)Lithium (Nirvana)Little Boy In The Grass (Aurora)Little Soul (Depeche Mode)Live Fast Die Young (Hollywood Undead)Live Free or Let Me Die (Skillet)Live Like a Dream (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Live Pray Die Repeat (Lord of the Lost)Livin Right (The Score)Living Now (Our Last Night)Lo Siento (Diamante)Locked in a Cage (Skillet)Lolita (Lana Del Rey)Long Live Death (Mono Inc.)Long Time Lie (Depeche Mode)Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift)Looking for Angels (Skillet)Lords of Summer (Metallica)Loreley (In Extremo)Loreley (Lord of the Lost)Los (Rammstein)Lose Myself (Dua Lipa)Lost (Within Temptation)Lost In Time (Frozen Crown)Lost You (The Score)Lost in Hollywood (System of a Down)Lost in Paradise (Evanescence)Lost in You (Three Days Grace)Lost in Your Light (Dua Lipa)Lost in the Echo (Linkin Park)Lotus (Kalidia)Lotus (Soen)Lounge Act (Nirvana)Love (Cellar Darling)Love (Imagine Dragons)Love (Lana Del Rey)Love Bomb (AC/DC)Love Buzz (Nirvana)Love Drug (Die Antwoord)Love Falls (Hellyeah)Love Is Madness (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) (ABBA)Love Like Cyanide (Sirenia)Love Me Insane (Avril Lavigne)Love Me Till It Hurts (Papa Roach)Love me or leave me (Three Days Grace)Love song (Mylène Farmer)Love, Pt. 2 (Cellar Darling)Lovelight (ABBA)Lovely (Billie Eilish)Lovely (Twenty One Pilots)Lovers (Live a Little Longer) (ABBA)Low (I Prevail)Low Man's Lyric (Metallica)Lucifer in Starlight (Powerwolf)Lucky (Aurora)Lucky Ones (Lana Del Rey)Lucy (Skillet)Luna Prolog (Faun)Lunacy (Soen)Lupercalia (Faun)Lupus Daemonis (Intro) (Powerwolf)Lupus Dei (Powerwolf)Lust for Blood (Powerwolf)Lust for Life (Lana Del Rey)Lux Hodie (Tanzwut)Lying from You (Linkin Park)
MAH (The Chemical Brothers)Ma valse (Zaz)Mac Beth (Faun)Machine (Imagine Dragons)Macht und Dummheit (In Extremo)Macro (Depeche Mode)Mad Sounds (Arctic Monkeys)Mad World (Within Temptation)Mad at It (Dirty Heads)Madness in Me (Skillet)Madre Deus (In Extremo)Magic (Coldplay)Magnetic North (Alestorm)Magnetized (Garbage)Make Up (Ariana Grande)Make it end (Lacrimosa)Malina - Bittruf Teil 2 (Lacrimosa)Mama (Clean Bandit)Mama Said (Metallica)Mamma Mia (ABBA)Man in the Middle (ABBA)Man the Pumps (Alestorm)ManUNkind (Metallica)Mandira Nabula (Lacrimosa)Maniac (Michael Sembello cover) (Avantasia)Maniac (Papa Roach)Mann gegen Mann (Rammstein)Mann mit der eisernen Maske (dArtagnan)MannaR – Drivande (Wardruna)MannaR – Liv (Wardruna)Mantra (Bring Me the Horizon)Mariners Apartment Complex (Lana Del Rey)Mark the Graves (Linkin Park)Martyrs (Soen)Mary Bell (Oomph!)Maschere (Temperance)Massive Addictive (Amaranthe)Master of Puppets (Metallica)Mathematik (Lindemann)Maximize (Amaranthe)Me Enamoré (Shakira)Me against you (Three Days Grace)Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother (ABBA)Me and I (ABBA)Mead from Hell (Alestorm)Mechanical Illusion (Amaranthe)Medicine (Bring Me the Horizon)Medicine (The Prodigy)Medusa's Path (The Prodigy)Meerflucht (Schwarzer Engel)Mehr (Rammstein)Mehr Licht (Eisbrecher)Meie Din (In Extremo)Mein Blut (Eisbrecher)Mein Herz brennt (Rammstein)Mein Kind (In Extremo)Mein Land (Rammstein)Mein Sehnen (In Extremo)Mein Teil (Rammstein)Mein glühend Herz (Schwarzer Engel)Mein liebster Feind (In Extremo)Mein zweites Herz (Lacrimosa)Meine Liebste, Jolie (dArtagnan)Meine Welt (Lacrimosa)Melancholie (In Extremo)Meltdown (AC/DC)Memento Mori (Architects)Memphis Bells (The Prodigy)Menschenfresser (Eisbrecher)Menuett (Faun)Mercy Mirror (Within Temptation)Mermaid Motel (Lana Del Rey)Merseburger Zaubersprüche II (In Extremo)Mes souvenirs de toi (Zaz)Message Man (Twenty One Pilots)Message in the Amber (Amorphis)Metal Militia (Metallica)Metall (Eisbrecher)Mexican Seafood (Nirvana)Mexico (Alestorm)Middle Fingers (Missio)Midgard Prolog (Faun)Midget Saw (Alestorm)Midnight Madonna (Powerwolf)Midnight Messiah (Powerwolf)Midnight's Chant (Kalidia)Migraine (Twenty One Pilots)Miles Away / The Truth Is (Depeche Mode)Milk It (Nirvana)Million Dollar Man (Lana Del Rey)Million Eyes (Loïc Nottet)Million Lightyears (Beyond the Black)Mindfields (The Prodigy)Mine Is the Fury (Eluveitie)Minne Duett (Faun)Miracle (The Score)Miracles (Coldplay)Mirror (Loïc Nottet)Misery Loves My Company (Three Days Grace)Miss Adventure (AC/DC)Miss Machine (Lord of the Lost)Mistress for Christmas (AC/DC)Miststück 2012 (Eisbrecher)Mit Dem Wind (Faun)Modern Misery (Architects)Mold (Infected Rain)Molly's Lips (Nirvana)Molotov Bitch (The Prodigy)Momentum (Amaranthe)Mondfeuer (Lacrimosa)Money Made (AC/DC)Money Power Glory (Lana Del Rey)Money Run Low (The Score)Money, Money, Money (ABBA)Moneytalks (AC/DC)Monkey Me (Mylène Farmer)Monolith (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Monster (Imagine Dragons)Monster (Skillet)Monsters (Missio)Montecore (Powerwolf)Moon Love (Die Antwoord)Moonglow (Avantasia)Moonlight (Ariana Grande)Moonshiner (In Extremo)More Faithful (Skillet)More Girls (The Prodigy)Morgana (Lord of the Lost)Morgenstern (Rammstein)Morning glory (Lacrimosa)Morningstar (Blutengel)Morph (Twenty One Pilots)Morrigan (Children of Bodom)Mortal After All (Architects)Moscow After Dark (Powerwolf)Moskau (Rammstein)Moth into Flame (Metallica)Mother Mary Is a Bird of Prey (Powerwolf)Mother Tongue (Bring Me the Horizon)Motorbreath (Metallica)Mouth of the River (Imagine Dragons)Move On (ABBA)Movement (Hozier)Moving On (Asking Alexandria)Mozart's House (Clean Bandit)Mr. Moustache (Nirvana)Mr. Sinister (Powerwolf)Mud Blood (Loïc Nottet)Murder (Within Temptation)Murder One (Metallica)Murder Scene (Arch Enemy)Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) (Aurora)Murder at Midnight (Powerwolf)Music Reach (1/2/3/4) (The Prodigy)Music to Watch Boys To (Lana Del Rey)Mutter (Rammstein)My Apocalypse (Metallica)My Beautiful Robe (Skillet)My Blood (Twenty One Pilots)My Boy (Billie Eilish)My Child (Disturbed)My December (Linkin Park)My Fault (Imagine Dragons)My Friend of Misery (Metallica)My Haven (Amaranthe)My Heart Is Broken (Evanescence)My Immortal (Evanescence)My Last Dream (Battle Beast)My Last Goodbye (Lacrimosa)My Little Universe (Depeche Mode)My Love, My Life (ABBA)My Mama Said (ABBA)My Medication (Papa Roach)My Obsession (Skillet)My Pleasure (Emigrate)My Religion (Skillet)My Shadow and I (Arch Enemy)My Strange Addiction (Billie Eilish)My Transition (Amaranthe)My Walden (Nightwish)My World (Emigrate)My World (Metallica)My pain (Lacrimosa)Myth of Masada (Kalidia)
N'oublie pas (Mylène Farmer)NASA (Ariana Grande)Nach dem Sturm (Lacrimosa)Nacht Des Nordens (Faun)Nachtfieber (Eisbrecher)Nachtschatten (Lacrimosa)Nada (Shakira)Naked in My Cellar (Lordi)Narayan (The Prodigy)Nasty (The Prodigy)National Anthem (Lana Del Rey)Natural (Imagine Dragons)Nature Boy (Aurora)NaudiR (Wardruna)Naxxar (Lord of the Lost)Nebel (Rammstein)Nebelmeer (dArtagnan)Need Some1 (The Prodigy)Needy (Ariana Grande)Negative Creep (Nirvana)Neighborhood (American Authors)Neon Gravestones (Twenty One Pilots)Nervous (The Neighbourhood)Netherstorm (Frozen Crown)Neue Helden (dArtagnan)Neue Ufer (Tanzwut)Neues Glück (In Extremo)Never Again (Disturbed)Never Forgive, Never Forget (Arch Enemy)Never Go Back (Evanescence)Never Going Back (The Score)Never Have to Say Goodbye (Papa Roach)Never Surrender (Skillet)Never Surrender (Warkings)Never Too Late (Three Days Grace)Never Wrong (Disturbed)Never the Heroes (Judas Priest)Neverending (Frozen Crown)New Love (Backstreet Boys)New Love (Dua Lipa)New Rules (Dua Lipa)New York (Mend My Broken Heart Tonight) (Dua Lipa)New York City (Emigrate)Next To Me (Imagine Dragons)Ni oui ni non (Zaz)Nicht genug (Megaherz)Nicht in meinem Namen (Megaherz)Nicht von dieser Welt (Oomph!)Nico and the Niners (Twenty One Pilots)Niemals Mehr (Tanzwut)Night Drive Loneliness (Garbage)Night Witches (Sabaton)Night of the Werewolves (Powerwolf)Nightside of Siberia (Powerwolf)Nighttime Rebel (Powerwolf)Nihilist (Architects)Nihilist Blues (Bring Me the Horizon)Nina Cried Power (Hozier)Nina, Pretty Ballerina (ABBA)No Blind Eyes Can See (Lacrimosa)No Bullets Fly (Sabaton)No Easy Way Out (Beast In Black)No Geography (The Chemical Brothers)No Good (Start the Dance) (The Prodigy)No Goodbyes (Dua Lipa)No Grave But the Sea (Alestorm)No Man Army (The Prodigy)No Masters (Bad Wolves)No More (Disturbed)No More (This Is the Last Time) (Depeche Mode)No More (Three Days Grace)No More Hollywood Endings (Battle Beast)No More Regrets (Arch Enemy)No More Sorrow (Linkin Park)No More Suckers (Marina Diamandis)No Place (Backstreet Boys)No Plan (Hozier)No Remorse (Metallica)No Roads Left (Linkin Park)No Roots (Alice Merton)No Surrender (Beast In Black)No Tears Left to Cry (Ariana Grande)No Tourists (The Prodigy)No Way Out (Bullet for My Valentine)No.1 Party Anthem (Arctic Monkeys)Nobody (Hozier)Nobody Can Save Me (Linkin Park)Nobody Else (Backstreet Boys)Nobody's Listening (Linkin Park)Noch zu retten (Eisbrecher)Nochnoi Dozor (Powerwolf)Noise (The Neighbourhood)None of the Above (Papa Roach)Nos heures sombres (Sirenia)Nos vies (Zaz)Not Dead Yet (Bullet for My Valentine)Not Gonna Die (Skillet)Not Strong Enough (Apocalyptica)Not Today (Imagine Dragons)Not Today (Twenty One Pilots)Not Your Kind of People (Garbage)Not every pain hurts (Lacrimosa)Not my home (Blutengel)Not the Only One (Papa Roach)Nothing (Papa Roach)Nothing But Thieves (Pop Evil)Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)Nothing left to say (Imagine Dragons)Nothing to lose but you (Three Days Grace)Nothing's Fair in Love and War (Three Days Grace)Nothing's Impossible (Depeche Mode)Nous debout (Zaz)Now That We're Dead (Metallica)Now or Never (Three Days Grace)Numb (Linkin Park)Nur ihr allein (In Extremo)Nur mit dir (Helene Fischer)Nymphenzeit (In Extremo)
OK (Backstreet Boys)Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish)Oceandeep (Beast In Black)Oceans of Treasure (Rumahoy cover) (Alestorm)Odal (Wardruna)Ode to Sleep (Twenty One Pilots)Odin (Faun)Of Jupiter and Moons (Temperance)Of Wolf and Man (Metallica)Off to the Races (Lana Del Rey)Officer Down (Bad Wolves)Oh My Love (The Score)Oh No (Bring Me the Horizon)Oh Say Can You See (Lana Del Rey)Oh Well (Depeche Mode)Ohne Sünde (Tanzwut)Ohne dich (Eisbrecher)Ohne dich (Rammstein)Old Money (Lana Del Rey)Omen (Reprise) (The Prodigy)Omen (The Prodigy)Omnia Sol Temperat (In Extremo)On And On (The Score)On Fire (Loïc Nottet)On My Own (Three Days Grace)On This Rock I Will Build My Church (Lord of the Lost)On Top of the World (Deep Purple)On a Plain (Nirvana)On and On (Arch Enemy)On and On and On (ABBA)On ira (Zaz)On s'en remet jamais (Zaz)On the Rocks (Amaranthe)On top of the world (Imagine Dragons)Once Upon a Dream (Lana Del Rey)Once Upon a Nightmare (Epica)One (Metallica)One Day Too Late (Skillet)One Kiss (Dua Lipa)One Last Time (Blutengel)One Love (The Prodigy)One Man, One Woman (ABBA)One More Light (Linkin Park)One Night (Matthew Koma)One Night In The Sun (LP)One Night in Vegas (Deep Purple)One Point Perspective (Arctic Monkeys)One Real Thing (Skillet)One Step Closer (Linkin Park)One Too Many (Three Days Grace)One Track Mind (Thirty Seconds to Mars)One for the Road (Arctic Monkeys)One of Us (ABBA)One-X (Three Days Grace)Only (Imagine Dragons)Only One (The Score)Only Satellites (VNV Nation)Open To All The World (Unleashed)Open Your Eyes (Disturbed)Opening: Agnus Dei (Powerwolf)Opening: Prelude to Purgatory (Powerwolf)Operate (Three Days Grace)Opponent (Soen)Orange Trees (Marina Diamandis)Orion (Metallica)Ormagardskvedi (Wardruna)Orphan Soul (Infected Rain)Orpheus (Kalidia)Other Worlds (Trivium)Oublie Loulou (Zaz)Ouch (Bring Me the Horizon)Our Decades in the Sun (Nightwish)Our Last Summer (ABBA)Our Solemn Hour (Within Temptation)Out in the Fields (Mono Inc.)Out of Hell (Skillet)Out of Space (The Prodigy)Outcast (Skarlett Riot)Outlaws (Green Day)Over It (Bullet for My Valentine)Over and Done (Amaranthe)Over and Over (Three Days Grace)Overrated (Three Days Grace)Overture (Evanescence)Oyneng Yar (Faun)Ozean (Eisbrecher)
Pain (Cellar Darling)Pain (Three Days Grace)Painkiller (Halestorm)Painkiller (Three Days Grace)Paint (Skillet)Palästinalied 2 (In Extremo)Panic in the Pentagram (Powerwolf)Paper Cuts (Nirvana)Papercut (Linkin Park)Parachute (Matthew Koma)Paradise (What About Us?) (Deep Purple)Paralyzed (Skarlett Riot)Paranoid (I Prevail)Paris canaille (Zaz)Paris sera toujours Paris (Zaz)Paris, l'après-midi (Zaz)Party Favor (Billie Eilish)Party Like a Russian (Robbie Williams)Pas d'access (Mylène Farmer)Passerby (Infected Rain)Passionate (Backstreet Boys)Pawn Shop Blues (Lana Del Rey)Pay the Man (Foster The People)Peace (Depeche Mode)Pearl (Faun)Pech oder Glück (dArtagnan)Peculiar and Beautiful (Loïc Nottet)Pegleg Potion (Alestorm)Penance (Soen)Pennyroyal Tea (Nirvana)Penta (Lord of the Lost)People Need Love (ABBA)Perfect (Depeche Mode)Perfect (Ed Sheeran)Perfect Day (Forever Still)Perfect Insanity (Disturbed)Periscope (Papa Roach)Pertho (Wardruna)Pet Cheetah (Twenty One Pilots)Pet Sematary (Rammstein)Pete Davidson (Ariana Grande)Pferdesegen (In Extremo)Phantom Fear (Architects)Phantom Lord (Metallica)Phantom of the Funeral (Powerwolf)Phoenix (The Prodigy)Phosphoer (Eisbrecher)Phönix aus der Asche (Oomph!)Piece of Me (Battle Beast)Piece of Me (Bullet for My Valentine)Pieces (Forever Still)Pikse Palve (In Extremo)Piranha (The Prodigy)Platitudes and Barren Words (Children of Bodom)Play Ball (AC/DC)Plume (Zaz)Poc Vecem (In Extremo)Points of Authority (Linkin Park)Poison (Asking Alexandria)Poison (Loïc Nottet)Poison (The Prodigy)Poison Heart (Depeche Mode)Polarize (Twenty One Pilots)Polaroid (Imagine Dragons)Polarstern (Eisbrecher)Polly (Nirvana)Polska Fran Larsson (Faun)Polterchrist (Lordi)Poor Twisted Me (Metallica)Poorman (Depeche Mode)Port coton (Zaz)Pour (Skillet)Pourquoi tu joues faux (Zaz)Power (Katy Perry)Powerless (Linkin Park)Praise Abort (Lindemann)Praise the lord (Blutengel)Pray You Catch Me (Beyoncé)Prayer in the Dark (Powerwolf)Prayer to the Lost (Visions of Atlantis)Precious (Depeche Mode)Prelude (Blackbriar)Prends garde à ta langue (Zaz)Preserved Roses (Blackbriar)Pressure (Muse)Pretty When You Cry (Lana Del Rey)Prince Charming (Metallica)Prisoners (Our Last Night)Prière (Mylène Farmer)Problems (Papa Roach)Promise Blender (Skillet)Propaganda (Muse)Prototyp (Eisbrecher)Psycho (Muse)Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People)Purify (Metallica)Pushing Me Away (Linkin Park)Pussy (Rammstein)Put Me in a Movie (Lana Del Rey)Put On Your White Sombrero (ABBA)Pyres of Varanasi (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Pyres on the Coast (Amorphis)
R U Mine? (Arctic Monkeys)R.E.M. (Ariana Grande)Rabenballade (Faun)Rabenballade (dArtagnan)Rad Drugz (Missio)Radio (Lana Del Rey)Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Nirvana)Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover) (Within Temptation)Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)Rage of the Pentahook (Alestorm)Raido (Wardruna)Rain (Amaranthe)Rainbow (Emigrate)Raindrops (An Angel Cried) (Ariana Grande)Raining Stars (Lord of the Lost)Raise Me Up (Mississippi South) (Lana Del Rey)Raise Your Banner (Within Temptation)Raise Your Fist, Evangelist (Powerwolf)Raise Your Fists (Battle Beast)Ramm4 (Rammstein)Rammlied (Rammstein)Rammstein (Rammstein)Rape Me (Nirvana)Rasend Herz (In Extremo)Rat Poison (The Prodigy)Rats Rule (Die Antwoord)Raue See (In Extremo)Razorblade (Amaranthe)Ready To Kill (Blackbriar)Ready to Change (Kodaline)Real Life (Imagine Dragons)Reason to Believe (Arch Enemy)Rebel Radio (The Prodigy)Rebellion (Linkin Park)Rebels (Cellar Darling)Rebirth (Eluveitie)Rebirthing (Skillet)Recovery (LP)Red Cold River (Breaking Benjamin)Reflections (The Neighbourhood)Refugium (Lacrimosa)Regen (Oomph!)Reicher als ein König (Tanzwut)Reign of Fear (Apocalyptica)Reign of Kalidia (Kalidia)Reign of Rats (Mono Inc.)Rein raus (Rammstein)Reise, Reise (Rammstein)Reiter Ohne Kopf (Tanzwut)Relapse (The Nature of My Crime) (Children of Bodom)Release (Imagine Dragons)Religion (Lana Del Rey)Remedy (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Remember When (Bad Wolves)Remnants (Disturbed)Renegade Music (Papa Roach)Repentless (Beast In Black)Requiem (In Extremo)Requiem (Schwarzer Engel)Requiem for a Dream (Avantasia)Rescue Me (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Resist and Bite (Sabaton)Resolution (Emigrate)Resonate (The Prodigy)Rest (Skillet)Resurrection by Erection (Powerwolf)Resurrection of the light (Blutengel)Rette mich (Eisbrecher)Return to Lemuria (Visions of Atlantis)Reveal (Mark Morton)Revenge (The Neighbourhood)Revival (Selena Gomez)Revolution (Lacrimosa)Revolution (Temperance)Revolution (The Score)Revolution Radio (Green Day)Rewind (Forever Still)Rhoslese (Tanzwut)Rhythm Bomb (The Prodigy)Rhythm Inside (Loïc Nottet)Rich Bitch (Die Antwoord)Ricochet (Papa Roach)Ride (Lana Del Rey)Ride (Twenty One Pilots)Ride the Lightning (Metallica)Rider (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Riding The Storm (Running Wild cover) (Powerwolf)Right left wrong (Three Days Grace)Rimskin Assassin (Lordi)Ring Ring (ABBA)Riot (Three Days Grace)Riot Lights (Apocalyptica)Rippin' Me Off (Skillet)Rise (Skillet)Rise Above It (I Prevail)Rise Up (Asking Alexandria)Rise Up (Imagine Dragons)Rise of the Eagles (The Prodigy)Rising over You (Forever Still)Risk It All (Mono Inc.)Ritual Night (Visions of Atlantis)Rival (Soen)River (Soen)Road To the Throne (Our Last Night)Roadblox (The Prodigy)Roadhouse Blues (The Doors cover) (Deep Purple)Roads Untraveled (Linkin Park)Robot Boy (Linkin Park)Rock 'n' Roll Dream (AC/DC)Rock 'n' Roll Train (AC/DC)Rock Bottom (Five Finger Death Punch)Rock City (Emigrate)Rock Me (ABBA)Rock Your Heart Out (AC/DC)Rock or Bust (AC/DC)Rock the Blues Away (AC/DC)Rock the House (AC/DC)Rock'n Roll Band (ABBA)Rockabye (Clean Bandit)Rocking All the Way (AC/DC)Rok-Weiler (The Prodigy)Roll Call (The Neighbourhood)Rolling Stone (Mylène Farmer)Rolling The Woodpile (Santiano)Rome Wasn't Built in a Day (Mono Inc.)Romeo Ate Juliet (Lordi)Ronnie (Metallica)Room 138 (Asking Alexandria)Room for 2 (Dua Lipa)Roots (Imagine Dragons)Rorke's Drift (Sabaton)Rosenrot (Rammstein)Rot wie die Liebe (Eisbrecher)Rote Sinfonie (Lacrimosa)Roter Sand (Rammstein)Roter Stern (In Extremo)Rotlaust tre fell (Wardruna)Rotting in Vain (Korn)Roulette (Katy Perry)Round and Round (Imagine Dragons)Royal Beggars (Architects)Ruff in the Jungle Bizness (The Prodigy)Ruhe (Eisbrecher)Ruins (Lord of the Lost)Rum (Alestorm)Rumpelkombo (Alestorm)Run (Bring Me the Horizon)Run Free (Asking Alexandria)Run With the Wolves (The Prodigy)Run for Your Life (Bad Wolves)Runaljod (Wardruna)Runaway (Aurora)Runaway (Linkin Park)Running (Dua Lipa)Running Away (Three Days Grace)Running with the Wolves (Aurora)Rut (The Killers)Räven (Faun)Résigne-moi (Zaz)
S.O.S. (Anything But Love) (Apocalyptica)SOS (ABBA)Sacramental Sister (Powerwolf)Sacred & Wild (Powerwolf)Sacrifice (Disturbed)Sacrifice - Hingabe Teil 1 (Lacrimosa)Sad Girl (Lana Del Rey)Sad but True (Metallica)Sadderdaze (The Neighbourhood)Safe in New York City (AC/DC)Safe with You (Skillet)Sagrada Trobar (In Extremo)Said I Love You (Backstreet Boys)Sail Away (Santiano)Saint Valentin (Zaz)Sakrileg 11 (Eisbrecher)Salvation (Skillet)Salvatore (Lana Del Rey)Sanctified With Dynamite (Powerwolf)Sanctus (Lacrimosa)Sanctus Dominus (Powerwolf)Sandmann (Oomph!)Santa Baby (Lindsey Stirling)Sapphire (Lacrimosa)Sappy (Nirvana)Satellite Blues (AC/DC)Saturday Satan (Powerwolf)Saturn (Skillet)Saturnalia (Tanzwut)Sauber (Lindemann)Save Defiance (Mark Morton)Save Our Last Goodbye (Disturbed)Savior (Skillet)Saviors of the World (Skillet)Saviour of Nothing (Disturbed)Say Amen (American Authors)Say Goodbye (Green Day)Say Goodbye (Skillet)Say It Loud (Skillet)Say Never Look Back (Children of Bodom)Say Something (Blutengel)Say Your Goodbyes (Forever Still)Scarecrow (Skillet)Scared (Three Days Grace)Scared to Be Lonely (Dua Lipa)Scars (Blutengel)Scary Love (The Neighbourhood)Scentless Apprentice (Nirvana)Schakal (Lacrimosa)Schau zum Mond (In Extremo)Scherben bringen Glück (Megaherz)Schinderhannes (dArtagnan)Schlachtbank (Eisbrecher)Schlaf ein (Lindemann)Schock (Eisbrecher)Schon lang nicht mehr getanzt (Helene Fischer)School (Nirvana)Schrei Es In Die Winde (Faun)Schreib es mit Blut (Tanzwut)Schwarz oder Weiß (Megaherz)Schwarze Witwe (Eisbrecher)Schwarzes Blut (Eisbrecher)Schwarzes Glas (Rammstein)Science Fiction (Arctic Monkeys)Scoff (Nirvana)Scraping the Barrel (Alestorm)Screen (Twenty One Pilots)Scum (Depeche Mode)Sea Song (You Waded Out) (Apocalyptica)Second Chances (Imagine Dragons)Secret Door (Evanescence)Secret to the End (Depeche Mode)Secrets of the Sacristy (Powerwolf)Seductive dreams (Blutengel)Seek & Destroy (Metallica)Seele (Blutengel)Seemann (Rammstein)Sefardim (In Extremo)Segel setzen (In Extremo)Segne deinen Schmerz (Eisbrecher)Sehnsucht (Rammstein)Seine Seele (Oomph!)Seit an Seit (dArtagnan)Selene (Imagine Dragons)Selfocracy (Loïc Nottet)Semi-Automatic (Twenty One Pilots)Send Me Home (Asking Alexandria)Senses (Lacrimosa)Sentimentale (Mylène Farmer)Serendipity (Infected Rain)Serial Thrilla (The Prodigy)Serpentine (Disturbed)Serve the Servants (Nirvana)Session (Linkin Park)Seven Deadly Saints (Powerwolf)Sever the Hand (Trivium)Sex Money Feelings Die (Lykke Li)Sexorcism (Lordi)Shades of Cool (Lana Del Rey)Shadow Moses (Bring Me the Horizon)Shadow Will Be Gone (Kalidia)Shadow of the Day (Linkin Park)Shadowmaker (Apocalyptica)Shakedown (The Score)Sham Pain (Five Finger Death Punch)Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)Sharp Edges (Linkin Park)Shatter Me (Lindsey Stirling)She Likes Rock 'n' Roll (AC/DC)She Looks Like Fun (Arctic Monkeys)She's My Kind of Girl (ABBA)She's Thunderstorms (Arctic Monkeys)Shed a Tear (Kodaline)Shipwrecked (Alestorm)Shiroyama (Sabaton)Shit Just Got Real (Die Antwoord)Shoot Down (The Prodigy)Shoot Me Again (Metallica)Shot in the Dark (Within Temptation)Shot of Love (AC/DC)Shots (Imagine Dragons)Should Be Higher (Depeche Mode)Should I Laugh or Cry (ABBA)Should've Known Better (Clean Bandit)Should've When You Could've (Skillet)Shout to the Lord (Skillet)Shrike (Hozier)Shudder Before the Beautiful (Nightwish)Si (Zaz)Si c'était à refaire (Zaz)Si jamais j'oublie (Zaz)Si je perds (Zaz)Sick of It (Skillet)Side to Side (Ariana Grande)Sieben Köche (In Extremo)Siehst du das Licht (In Extremo)Siehst du mich im Licht? (Lacrimosa)Sifting (Nirvana)Sign of the Times (Three Days Grace)Silence Is the Enemy (Papa Roach)Silent So Long (Emigrate)Silver Bullet (Architects)Silver Moonlight (Within Temptation)Sing mir ein Lied (Skye Boat Song) (dArtagnan)Sing to the Lord (Skillet)Singapur (In Extremo)Sinnflut (Schwarzer Engel)Sinéad (Within Temptation)Sit Next to Me (Foster The People)Sitting in the Palmtree (ABBA)Six Days (Cellar Darling)Six Feet Under (Billie Eilish)Skald (Wardruna)Skeletons (Papa Roach)Skies on Fire (AC/DC)Skills in Pills (Lindemann)Skin to Bone (Linkin Park)Skulls (Halestorm)Skyline (Amaranthe)Skylined (The Prodigy)Skyrim (Lindsey Stirling)Sleep (Cellar Darling)Sleepwalking (Bring Me the Horizon)Sleepwalking (Diamante)Slipping Through My Fingers (ABBA)Slither (Metallica)Sliver (Nirvana)Slow (Depeche Mode)Slow Burn (Apocalyptica)Slowtown (Twenty One Pilots)Smack My Bitch Up (The Prodigy)Smarty (Lana Del Rey)Smash 'n' Grab (AC/DC)Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)Smithereens (Twenty One Pilots)Smoke and Mirrors (Imagine Dragons)Smoking Snakes (Sabaton)Snap Out of It (Arctic Monkeys)Snuff (Slipknot)So Fuckin' Romantic (Matthew Koma)So Long (ABBA)So Much Love (Depeche Mode)So Sad So Sexy (Lykke Li)So We Can Stay Alive (Garbage)So What (Three Days Grace)So oder so (Eisbrecher)So wie du (dArtagnan)Soft Touch/Raw Nerve (Depeche Mode)Soft Universe (Aurora)Soft to Be Strong (Marina Diamandis)Softcore (The Neighbourhood)Soldiers (ABBA)Solo (Clean Bandit)Solringen (Wardruna)Some Kind of Monster (Metallica)Someone Who Cares (Three Days Grace)Something Human (Muse)Something New (The Score)Something Wild (Lindsey Stirling)Something in the way (Nirvana)Something to Believe (Hollywood Undead)Sometimes (Garbage)Sometimes (Skillet)Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (The Chemical Brothers)Sometimes It Ends (Asking Alexandria)Somewhere I Belong (Linkin Park)Somewhere Now (Green Day)Son of a Gun (Nirvana)Son of a Wolf (Powerwolf)Son of the Morning Star (Powerwolf)Sonatorrek (Wardruna)Song For The Godless (Beyond the Black)Sonne (Rammstein)Sonne auf der Haut (Helene Fischer)Sonnenreigen (Lughnasad) (Faun)Soon Departed (Children of Bodom)Soothe My Soul (Depeche Mode)Sorry for Now (Linkin Park)Soul Speak (Our Last Night)Sound of Us (Diamante)Sounds of Freedom (Within Temptation)Sous le ciel de Paris (Zaz)Souvenir (Avril Lavigne)Sowelu (Wardruna)Spacewalker (Depeche Mode)Spank Thru (Nirvana)Sparta (Sabaton)Sparta (Warkings)Speak Your Mind (Alice Merton)Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) (The Prodigy)Spiegelkabinett (Tanzwut)Spiel mit mir (Rammstein)Spieler (Oomph!)Spielmann (In Extremo)Spielmannsfluch (In Extremo)Spieluhr (Rammstein)Spielzeugland (Tanzwut)Spit Out the Bone (Metallica)Spitfire (Emigrate)Spitfire (The Prodigy)Splinter (Skillet)Spoilin' for a Fight (AC/DC)Sprengt die Ketten (dArtagnan)Spring (Rammstein)St. Anger (Metallica)St. Satan's Day (Powerwolf)Stain (Nirvana)Stairway to the Skies (Within Temptation)Stalker (In Extremo)Staloney (Dirty Heads)Stand Alone (Skarlett Riot)Stand My Ground (Within Temptation)Stand Up (The Prodigy)Stand Your Ground (Unleashed)Star Treatment (Arctic Monkeys)Stardust (Amaranthe)Starlight (Avantasia)Starlight (Muse)Stars (Matthew Koma)Stars (Skillet)Start Over (Imagine Dragons)Stay Around (American Authors)Stay Away (Nirvana)Stay with Me (In Flames)Steig Ein (Tanzwut)Stein um Stein (Rammstein)Sterneneisen (In Extremo)Sternhagelvoll (In Extremo)Stetit Puella (In Extremo)Stiff Upper Lip (AC/DC)Still Swingin' (Papa Roach)Stille Wasser (Tanzwut)Stirb nicht vor mir (Rammstein)Stoke the Fire (Seether)Stolen Life (Arch Enemy)Stolen car (Mylène Farmer)Stolzes Herz (Lacrimosa)Stone Cold Body (Blackbriar)Stormy May Day (AC/DC)Stossgebet (Powerwolf)Strafe muss sein (dArtagnan)Strange (The Score)Strange Kind of Woman (Deep Purple)Strange days (Three Days Grace)Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots)Stripped (Rammstein)Stronger (Skillet)Stronger (The Score)Stronger on Your Own (Disturbed)Stuck (Imagine Dragons)Stuck in My Ways (Five Finger Death Punch)Stuck with Me (The Neighbourhood)Stumme Worte (Lacrimosa)Sturmfahrt (Eisbrecher)Störtebeker (In Extremo)Successful (Ariana Grande)Such mich find mich (Oomph!)Sucker (Jonas Brothers)Suffer Well (Depeche Mode)Sugar Honey Ice & Tea (Bring Me the Horizon)Suitcase (Matthew Koma)Summer (Imagine Dragons)Summer Bummer (Lana Del Rey)Summer Night City (ABBA)Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey cover) (Within Temptation)Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey)Sunlight (Hozier)Sunrise (Our Last Night)Sunrise Trailer Park (Papa Roach)Sunset on the Golden Age (Alestorm)Super Trouper (ABBA)Supermodel (Eisbrecher)Supernova (Within Temptation)Supersonic (Amaranthe)Superstar (Marina Diamandis)Surf Squid Warfare (Alestorm)Surrender to the darkness (Blutengel)Survive (Forever Still)Suspended in You (Skillet)Suzy-Hang-Around (ABBA)Swan Song (Dua Lipa)Swan Song (Lana Del Rey)Swap Meet (Nirvana)Swashbuckled (Alestorm)Sweet Amber (Metallica)Sweet Candy (AC/DC)Sweet True Lies (Beast In Black)Sweetener (Ariana Grande)Swish Swish (Katy Perry)Sworn Apart (Mark Morton)Symphony (Clean Bandit)Sängerkrieg (In Extremo)Süßwasserfisch (Eisbrecher)sHE's brOKen (Billie Eilish)
T'attends quoi (Zaz)TRRR - FCKN - HTLR (Oomph!)TV (Three Days Grace)Take (Skillet)Take Me (Korn)Take Me Under (Three Days Grace)Take Me to Church (Hozier)Take Me to the Hospital (The Prodigy)Take My Breath Away (Berlin)Take a Chance on Me (ABBA)Talk (Hozier)Talking to Myself (Linkin Park)Tannhuser (In Extremo)Tanz Mit Mir (Faun)Tanz mit mir (Eisbrecher)Tanz mit mir (In Extremo)Taub-stumm-blind (Eisbrecher)Tausend Mann und ein Befehl (Oomph!)Te quiero puta! (Rammstein)Teaching Little Fingers to Play (Garbage)Team8 (Loïc Nottet)Tear Down Your Walls (Epica)Tear in My Heart (Twenty One Pilots)Tears (Clean Bandit)Tell Me It's Over (Avril Lavigne)Tell Me Why (Three Days Grace)Tell Me Why (Within Temptation)Temple Bar (Kodaline)Temple Priest (Missio)Temptation (Emigrate)Terrence Loves You (Lana Del Rey)Territorial Pissings (Nirvana)Terror Christ (Unleashed)Testament In Black (Powerwolf)Testimonium (Lacrimosa)Teufelswerk (Blutengel)Thank U, Next (Ariana Grande)Thank You for the Music (ABBA)That Song (Amaranthe)That Was Just Your Life (Metallica)That's Me (ABBA)That's My Heart (Lindemann)The 12th Hour (Sirenia)The Animal (Disturbed)The Art of Believing (Temperance)The Art of Love (Lord of the Lost)The Awakening (Secret Rule)The Ballad of Bull (Sabaton)The Banks of Eden (Mono Inc.)The Beast Is Yet to Cum (Lordi)The Bee (Amorphis)The Best Ones Lie (Disturbed)The Black (Asking Alexandria)The Blackest Day (Lana Del Rey)The Brave and the Bold (Disturbed)The Butterfly (Faun)The Catalyst (Linkin Park)The Child Inside (Depeche Mode)The City (Missio)The City Of Jorsala Shall Fall (Unleashed)The Cosmic Algorithm (Epica)The Cross (Within Temptation)The Curse (Disturbed)The Dark Side (Muse)The Darkest Star (Depeche Mode)The Darkness (Our Last Night)The Day Before You Came (ABBA)The Day Is My Enemy (The Prodigy)The Day That Never Comes (Metallica)The Days of Justice (Blutengel)The Death of Me (Asking Alexandria)The Deep & The Dark (Visions of Atlantis)The Eagle Flies Alone (Arch Enemy)The Empty Hourglass (Architects)The End (In Flames)The End Is Not the Answer (Three Days Grace)The End of the Dream (Evanescence)The End of the Line (Metallica)The Ending (Papa Roach)The Endless (Secret Rule)The Evil Made Me Do It (Powerwolf)The Eye of the Storm (Disturbed)The Eyes of Sharbat Gula (Nightwish)The Fall (Imagine Dragons)The Fear (The Score)The Fifth Angel (Beast In Black)The Fire Breathes (Skillet)The Four Horsemen (Metallica)The Frayed Ends of Sanity (Metallica)The Furor (AC/DC)The God That Failed (Metallica)The Golden Elk (Amorphis)The Golden Horde (Battle Beast)The Good Life (Three Days Grace)The Grand Illusion (Visions of Atlantis)The Greatest Show on Earth (Nightwish)The Hating (Korn)The Heart from Your Hate (Trivium)The Heart of Everything (Within Temptation)The Heart of the Raven (Mono Inc.)The Heat (The Energy) (The Prodigy)The Heat (The Score)The Hermit (Cellar Darling)The Hero (Battle Beast)The High Road (Three Days Grace)The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding of Reality (Epica)The Honey Roll (AC/DC)The House That Jack Built (Metallica)The House of Wolves (Bring Me the Horizon)The Howling (Within Temptation)The Hunt For White Christ (Unleashed)The Hype (Twenty One Pilots)The Image (Secret Rule)The In-Between (Evanescence)The Infection (Disturbed)The Judas Kiss (Metallica)The Judge (Twenty One Pilots)The King Has Lost His Crown (ABBA)The Last Battle (Sabaton)The Last Battle (Warkings)The Last Dance (Within Temptation)The Last Home (Visions of Atlantis)The Last Hope in a World of Hopes (Temperance)The Last Night (Skillet)The Last Stand (Sabaton)The Leap (Our Last Night)The Light (Disturbed)The Light Is Coming (Ariana Grande)The Little Things Give You Away (Linkin Park)The Lost Battalion (Sabaton)The Lost Mariner (Kalidia)The Lost Souls (Asking Alexandria)The Love Of God (Lord of the Lost)The Man (The Killers)The Market Song (Faun)The Memory Remains (Metallica)The Messenger (Linkin Park)The Mortarian (Lord of the Lost)The Name of the Game (ABBA)The Never (Mark Morton)The Nexus (Amaranthe)The Night (Disturbed)The Older I Get (Skillet)The One (Skillet)The Other Woman (Lana Del Rey)The Outlaw Torn (Metallica)The Party Is Over (Lacrimosa)The Piper (ABBA)The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Avantasia)The Plague (Blutengel)The Power (LP)The Power of Love (Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover) (Within Temptation)The Race (Arch Enemy)The Race (Thirty Seconds to Mars)The Radiance (Linkin Park)The Raven Child (Avantasia)The Raven Hill (Eluveitie)The Razors Edge (AC/DC)The Real You (Three Days Grace)The Reckoning (Within Temptation)The Requiem (Linkin Park)The Resistance (Skillet)The Restless Ride (Temperance)The Revanchist (Trivium)The Riddle (Kodaline)The Run and Go (Twenty One Pilots)The Sacrament of Sin (Powerwolf)The Salmon Dance (The Chemical Brothers)The Saviour (Secret Rule)The Score (Amaranthe)The Seventh Circle (Architects)The Shieldmaiden (Frozen Crown)The Shortest Straw (Metallica)The Silence (Halestorm)The Silent Mutiny (Visions of Atlantis)The Silvern Glow (Eluveitie)The Sin and the Sentence (Trivium)The Sinner in Me (Depeche Mode)The Slumber (Eluveitie)The Solace System (Epica)The Song of the Universe (Secret Rule)The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover) (Disturbed)The Spell (Cellar Darling)The Storm (Skarlett Riot)The Struggle Within (Metallica)The Summoning (Linkin Park)The Sun and The Moon and The Stars (Depeche Mode)The Sunk'n Norwegian (Alestorm)The Surprising (Deep Purple)The Thing That Should Not Be (Metallica)The Thirst Is Taking Over (Skillet)The Tide (Mono Inc.)The Truth (In Flames)The Truth Beneath the Rose (Within Temptation)The Truth Is Dead (Mark Morton)The Turning Point (Lacrimosa)The Twilight Hour (Sirenia)The Ultracheese (Arctic Monkeys)The Unforgiven (Metallica)The Unforgiven II (Metallica)The Unforgiven III (Metallica)The Universe Sent Me (The Chemical Brothers)The Unknown (Imagine Dragons)The Unnamed Feeling (Metallica)The Vengeful One (Disturbed)The Very Last Time (Bullet for My Valentine)The Visitors (ABBA)The Void (Muse)The Voyage (Sirenia)The Way It Is (The Prodigy)The Way It Was (Backstreet Boys)The Way Old Friends Do (ABBA)The Way You Feel (Blutengel)The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)The Wolf and the Maiden (Frozen Crown)The World Is Yours (Arch Enemy)The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip (Arctic Monkeys)The Worst Crime (Depeche Mode)The Wretchedness Inside (Trivium)The abyss (Three Days Grace)The last song (Blutengel)The mountain (Three Days Grace)The new real (Three Days Grace)Their Law (The Prodigy)Theory of Everything (Amaranthe)There Comes a Time (Back to Life) (Mono Inc.)There's no place (Blutengel)They Rape The Land (Unleashed)Thief (Imagine Dragons)Thinking 'Bout You (Dua Lipa)Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran)This Is My Life (Mono Inc.)This Is War (Beast In Black)This Is What (Emigrate)This Is What Makes Us Girls (Lana Del Rey)This Road (Children of Bodom)This Venom (Disturbed)This is Deutsch (Eisbrecher)This is the night (Lacrimosa)Thorn Within (Metallica)Those Nights (Skillet)Thought Contagion (Muse)Threefold Death (Eluveitie)Throne (Bring Me the Horizon)Through The Mirror (Beyond the Black)Through the Eyes of a Child (Aurora)Through the Never (Metallica)Thrown Into the Fire (Trivium)Thunder (Imagine Dragons)Thunder (The Prodigy)Thunder and Lightning (Lacrimosa)Thunderstruck (AC/DC)Thymian & Rosmarin (Faun)Tick Tack (Oomph!)Tiefenrausch (Megaherz)Tier (Rammstein)Tiger (ABBA)Tiger of Sabrod (Powerwolf)Tightrope (The Score)Till Death Do Us Part (Apocalyptica)Time Is Black (Arch Enemy)Time That Remains (Three Days Grace)Time for Bedlam (Deep Purple)Time of Dying (Three Days Grace)Timebomb Zone (The Prodigy)Tinfoil (Linkin Park)Tiptoe (Imagine Dragons)To Be Human (Marina Diamandis)To Hell and Back (Sabaton)To Infiity (Frozen Crown)To Noise Making (Sing) (Hozier)To the Darkness I Belong (Kalidia)To the End of the World (Alestorm)Together Till the End (Mono Inc.)Together as one (Blutengel)Tomorrow Never Came (Lana Del Rey)Too Afraid (Marina Diamandis)Too Serious (The Neighbourhood)Top of the World (Five Finger Death Punch)Top of the World (Papa Roach)Torn (Disturbed)Toujours (Zaz)Tourdion (dArtagnan)Tourette's (Nirvana)Tourniquet (Breaking Benjamin)Toute ma vie (Zaz)Tranen der Liebe (Lacrimosa)Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Arctic Monkeys)Transhuman (Amaranthe)Trapped Under Ice (Metallica)Trau Dich (Megaherz)Traumatic (Papa Roach)Treasure Island (Alestorm)Treasure n' Treason (Sirenia)Trees (Twenty One Pilots)Treiben (Eisbrecher)Trinity (Amaranthe)Trinoxtion (Eluveitie)Trop sensible (Zaz)Trophy Hunter (Within Temptation)Tropical Loveland (ABBA)Trouble (Five Finger Death Punch)Trouble (Imagine Dragons)Trouble in Paradise (Alice Merton)Truce (Twenty One Pilots)True (Amaranthe)True (Marina Diamandis)True Believer (Beast In Black)True Friends (Bring Me the Horizon)Trümmerkinder (Oomph!)Turnaround (Nirvana)Twin Flames (Secret Rule)Twisted (Missio)Two Nights (Lykke Li)Two for the Price of One (ABBA)Tyr (Wardruna)Tyrant (Disturbed)
Waidmanns Heil (Rammstein)Waiting for the End (Linkin Park)Wake (Linkin Park)Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)Wake Up (Emigrate)Wake Up (Three Days Grace)Wake Up Call (The Prodigy)Waking Lions (Pop Evil)Walk on Water (Thirty Seconds to Mars)Walk the Plank (Alestorm)Walking the Wire (Imagine Dragons)Wall of Death (The Prodigy)Wallenstein (dArtagnan)Walpurgisnacht (Faun)Want To (Dua Lipa)War (Emigrate)War (Linkin Park)War Cry (Diamante)War Eternal (Arch Enemy)War Machine (AC/DC)War Over Me (Papa Roach)Warning Sign (Disturbed)Warrior (Aurora)Warrior (Avril Lavigne)Warrior (Disturbed)Warrior (Skarlett Riot)Warrior's Dance (The Prodigy)Warriors (Imagine Dragons)Warriors (Papa Roach)Warte Auf Mich (Faun)Warum so tief? (Lacrimosa)Was ist hier los? (Eisbrecher)Was wollen wir trinken (dArtagnan)Waste My Time (Blutengel)Wasteland, Baby! (Hozier)Wastelands (Linkin Park)Wasting My Hate (Metallica)Wasting the Years (Blutengel)Watch (Billie Eilish)Watch Out (ABBA)Watch You Burn (Disturbed)Watching for Comets (Skillet)Water (Cellar Darling)Waterloo (ABBA)Way Back Home (Temperance)We Accursed (Amorphis)We Are Free (Temperance)We Are Together (Emigrate)We Are the Ruffest (The Prodigy)We Are the Wild (Powerwolf)We Came to Take Your Souls (Powerwolf)We Don't Believe What's on TV (Twenty One Pilots)We Drink Your Blood (Powerwolf)We Gonna Rock (The Prodigy)We Have Candy (Die Antwoord)We Live Forever (The Prodigy)We Never Tell (Garbage)We Take It From the Living (Powerwolf)We Take the Church by Storm (Powerwolf)We Will Remember (In Flames)We'll Be Ok (Asking Alexandria)We're Gonna Groove (Led Zeppelin)We're Thirsty (Skillet)We've Got to Try (The Chemical Brothers)Weak Fantasy (Nightwish)Weather Experience (The Prodigy)Wege ohne Namen (In Extremo)Weil du Hilfe brauchst (Lacrimosa)Weißes Fleisch (Rammstein)Welche Sprache Spricht Dein Herz (Faun)Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica)Welcome to Hell (Mono Inc.)Welcome to My World (Depeche Mode)Welcome to Your New Life (Blutengel)Weltenbrand (Lacrimosa)Wenn Du lachst (Helene Fischer)Wenn Ich Tot Bin (Tanzwut)Wenn Wir Uns Wiedersehen (Faun)Wenn Wir Untergehen (Tanzwut)Wenn Zeit die Wunden heilt (Eisbrecher)Wenn das Licht angeht (In Extremo)Wenn mein Herz zerbricht (Schwarzer Engel)Wenn unsere Helden sterben (Lacrimosa)Wer Wir Sind (Tanzwut)Wer weiß (dArtagnan)Werewolves of Armenia (Powerwolf)Wessebronner Gebet (In Extremo)West Coast (Imagine Dragons)West Coast (Lana Del Rey)West Coast (Missio)What About Livingstone? (ABBA)What Are You Waiting For (Disturbed)What Evil Lurks (The Prodigy)What Have You Done (Within Temptation)What I Believe (Skillet)What I've Done (Linkin Park)What Lies Ahead (Semblant)What Lies Beneath (Skarlett Riot)What You Need (Bring Me the Horizon)Whatever It Takes (Imagine Dragons)Wheel of Destiny (Epica)Wheels (AC/DC)When All Is Said and Done (ABBA)When I Kissed the Teacher (ABBA)When I Was Older (Billie Eilish)When I'm Over You (LP)When Is The Future (VNV Nation)When They Come for Me (Linkin Park)When You're Not There (Korn)When the Lights Come On (Asking Alexandria)When the Moon Shines Red (Powerwolf)When the Party's Over (Billie Eilish)When the Raven Dies Tonight (Mono Inc.)When the Seasons Change (Five Finger Death Punch)When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing (Lana Del Rey)Where Did It Go? (Asking Alexandria)Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Nirvana)Where Did the Angels Go (Papa Roach)Where Do You Run (The Score)Where Is the Edge (Within Temptation)Where You Are (The Score)Where the Wild Things Are (Metallica)Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone (Powerwolf)Where's the Revolution (Depeche Mode)Wherever I May Roam (Metallica)Whiplash (Metallica)Whirlwind (Skillet)Whiskey on the Rocks (AC/DC)Whisperers (Loïc Nottet)Whispers in the Dark (Skillet)White Dress (Halestorm)White Iverson (The Score)White Line Fever (Asking Alexandria)White Mustang (Lana Del Rey)White Tiger (Our Last Night)Who (Disturbed)Who Do I Think I Am (Missio)Who Do You Trust? (Papa Roach)Who I Am (The Score)Who Is Like Our God (Skillet)Who Taught You How to Hate (Disturbed)Who We Are (Imagine Dragons)Whole World Is Watching (Within Temptation)Why Did It Have to Be Me? (ABBA)Why Not Me (Within Temptation)Why So Serious (Alice Merton)Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm Down? (Bring Me the Horizon)Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? (Arctic Monkeys)Wie tief? (Eisbrecher)Wiener Blut (Rammstein)Wild Frontier (The Prodigy)Wilde Rose (Faun)Wilder Wine (Rammstein)Will You Be There (Falling Down) (Skillet)Willkommen im Nichts (Eisbrecher)Wind (In Extremo)Wind It Up (The Prodigy)Wind und Geige XIV (Faun)Winged Hussars (Sabaton)Winged Lords (Kalidia)Wings of Freedom (Epica)Wings on My Penis (Die Antwoord)Winter Bird (Aurora)Winterfall (Frozen Crown)Wir Sind Gold (Eisbrecher)Wir für euch und ihr für uns (Santiano)Wir haben nichts (dArtagnan)Wir schmieden das Eisen (dArtagnan)Wir sind Rock'n'Roll (Eisbrecher)Wir zwei (Helene Fischer)Wisdom Cries (Aurora)Wisdom, Justice, and Love (Linkin Park)Wish You Were Gay (Billie Eilish)Witching Hour (Blackbriar)With You (Linkin Park)Without You (Lana Del Rey)Without You (Three Days Grace)Witness (Katy Perry)Wo bist du (Rammstein)Wo geht der Teufel hin (Eisbrecher)Wolkenmeer (In Extremo)Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? (Rammstein)Wolves (Loïc Nottet)Wolves Against the World (Powerwolf)Wonderful Life (Bring Me the Horizon)Wonderful Wonderful (The Killers)Wonders (VNV Nation)Wooden Leg! (Alestorm)Words of War (Visions of Atlantis)World So Cold (Three Days Grace)World on Fire (Battle Beast)World's on Fire (The Prodigy)Worship (Eluveitie)Worst Nites (Foster The People)Worth It (Kodaline)Would It Matter (Skillet)Would That I (Hozier)Wretches and Kings (Linkin Park)Wrong (Depeche Mode)Wrong Direction (Amorphis)Wunjo (Wardruna)

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